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10 Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is a steroid hormone essential for the development of the penis and testes in puberty, and also responsible for the deepening of the voice and the growth of hair in the face and pubic area. This hormone is produced not only by men but by both men and women. It is the primary hormone for men. Low testosterone levels can affect a man’s physical and emotional health. As we get older, our hormones change. Aging causes women to undergo menopause, and men to undergo andropause. And testosterone levels drop during this time, which can lead to low testosterone or low T.

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Signs of Low Testosterone

Decreased LibidoSigns of Low Testosterone

Testosterone has a significant function in the libido of both men and women. When testosterone levels drop, desire often follows suit.

Lack of Energy

Low T is also connected to low energy. If your energy has been declining, don’t just dismiss it as due to the long hours at work: It could be an indication of low testosterone.

Decreased Height

Testosterone plays a part in bone strength, so if you feel as if your height is reduced, or as if you are shrinking, it might be a warning: It could be low T.

Decreased Strength

Testosterone also plays a part in muscle mass, so if your strength or endurance has decreased but there hasn’t been any change in your workout regime, it could be an indication of low testosterone.


Men with low T were found to be four times more likely to be identified with clinical depression.

Less Pleasurable Erections

If your sexual response has been less thrilling and that your erections are not as hard and strong, it could be an indication of low testosterone.

Other Health Issues

Testosterone levels can be affected by other health conditions, most notably type 2 diabetes, obesity, and thyroid issues, so if you have one or more of these illnesses, you might also have low testosterone.

Decrease in Sperm Count

When there is a decrease in your testosterone levels, you might also find that the amount of semen you ejaculate decreases in volume.

Shrinking Testicles

Low testosterone levels can sometimes cause the decrease in the size of the testicles. Some men also observe numbness in the testicles.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you find difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, it could be because of low levels of testosterone.

Low testosterone is usually ignored by men because it is often unnoticeable. But the levels of this hormone affect both the libido and erectile strength to different degrees which would be bad for the sex life. It is, therefore, imperative for men to be aware of the symptoms so as to be able to prevent or treat this condition.

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