1. Communication: Talk About What You Want
Communication is a vital part of any healthy relationship, especially when sex is involved. Bad sex often happens because one person doesn’t know what the other likes and dislikes. By talking to your partner, you will be able to tell them what you like and what you dislike. Your partner will also be able to do the same, leading to better sex for both of you.

2. Lube Up
Proper lubrication is essential for good sex. Without any lubrication, either naturally or artificial, sex will feel unpleasant and even hurt, for both the woman and male as well. Men should also take lubricating as a part of foreplay, and sensually rub the lube onto the woman. This will allow the woman to become more aroused, as well as become lubricated in the process.

3. The Importance of Healthy Self-esteem and Confidence
Many people just do not realize the role that a healthy self esteem and good confidence has with sexual pleasure. This is especially true for women. Women need to feel good about themselves, otherwise they will find it hard to partake in sexual activities. The best way for a woman to have good self esteem and confidence is through compliments, make overs, and good support from their partner. Make the woman feel special, and the results will show.

4. Be Adventurous: Take Sex out of the Bedroom
Everyone needs a little excitement within their lives, and this goes sexually as well. After awhile, the same old bedroom sex may become boring to a woman, and she will begin to be bored with sex and even the thought of it. This is why a change of location can be rather essential to keeping the flame of your sex light lit. A little adventure will raise a woman’s adrenaline, which in turn will make it very easy to become aroused and pleased sexually.

5. Sex Toys and Erotica
Many men think that their penis is all a woman could need, well they’d be wrong. Many women are open to the idea of introducing toys and even some erotica into the bedroom. Sex toys are a great way to arouse a woman, as well is erotica. The man should also know that sex toys can still be used and it doesn’t mean that he’s not good enough. These things just add a bit of spice to the act, which may be needed.

6. Not Just Missionary
After awhile, many women become bored of the same old position, which is why you shouldn’t just be doing missionary. There are many great positions which can be fun, exciting, and pleasurable to both the woman and the man. Trying new positions can easily refresh a stagnant sexual relationship literally over night.

7. Tone Your Pelvic Muscles
Pelvic muscles are essentially the secret to good sex, and both men and women should look into keeping those muscles toned and in shape. Doing so will allow for more stamina, force, strength and then some while having sex. Having toned pelvic muscles will make all the moving of sex much easier and even better, leading to sexual satisfaction for both of you.

8. Play: Role-playing and Games
Often times, the same of sexual routine can really bog down your sex life, while making it dull and lifeless. This is why introducing some role playing or sexy games can really help spice up that dull sex life. Both men and women often find it pleasurable to play around during sex, and doing so will not only lead to better sex, but can increase the bond of the couple as well.

9. Look Sexy, Feel Sexy
Feeling sexy is a must for most women. When a woman feels that she looks sexy, she will begin to feel sexy and will display so through actions and confidence. Making your woman or yourself feel sexy will bring a whirl wind of good to your sex life.

10. Self-Stimulation and Mutual Masturbation
Self-Stimulation is a wonderful way for a woman to help herself orgasm, or have a stronger orgasm. It also doesn’t mean that the woman isn’t satisfied by her partner, it just provides extra help. Mutual masturbation is also a great way to satisfy sexual desires without having full sexual intercourse. This may also help both people learn more about what feels good to their partner, making their bond stronger and their sex life better.

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