Goal of Sex in Mind

Many couples deal with some substantial problems when they are coping with their sex lives. There are some important issues that they should keep in mind when they want to manage the sex that they do have. Couples can actually improve their own lives in some important ways if they take the time.

1. Expect Sex Simply Because You’re Married.
This is a major issue for married couples, since sex may simple become routine. Both partners should not expect sex to be a perk of being married. They should put in the effort to make sure that both partners enjoy it and are getting something out of it.

2. Have Sex the Same Time and Place Every Week.
This goes hand in hand with making sex in to a chore. Some couples lead busy lives, so they are understandably in need of guidance on how to manage their sex lives. They should try to accommodate the needs of one another.

3. Follow The Routine Each Time.
When couples are stressed or feel like they don’t have time, sex does tend to become routinized. Not only do they have sex at the same time, but in the same way as well. This can make it boring and trivial for everyone involved. It stops being enjoyable and detracts from the relationship over time as well.

4. Be Sure to be Intoxicated so You can Loosen Up.
This may make it easier for couples to unwind, but it is a slippery slope for them to consider. Couples should be careful how they choose to have sex. If they need a few drinks to enjoy the company of one another, this may quickly develop in to a habit.

5. Only Touch Your Spouse with The Goal of Sex in Mind.
Intimacy is a critical part of any major relationship. However, this can actually take a few different types of forms. Couples should take a genuine interest in practicing intimate contact with each other regularly. This will give them a chance to form a real bond between one another.

6. Skip The Foreplay and Go Straight For The Hunt.
Similarly, some couples try to get sex over as quickly as possible. This can detract from the experience, so couples should try to incorporate foreplay where they can. If they are able to improve on foreplay, they can manage their relationship in a few simple ways.

7. Keep Your Clothes on During Sex.
There are many people who just feel more comfortable having sex with their clothes on. But married couples should make it a point to get comfortable with who they really are together.

8. Criticize Your Spouse’s Sexual Performance.
This is a major issue for married couples, because their relationships tend to suffer from criticism. Couples should be ready to improve on their sex, but do so in a way that maintains their confidence.

9. Criticize Their Physical Appearance.
The physical appearance of people may change over time, but couples should try to stay supportive. They should avoid criticism and bringing people down. This can drive a wedge in a relationship and cause some discord between couples over time.

10. Have Sex with the TV On.
Having sex with the TV on is a surefire way to ruin the mood. This is also a sign that the magic is gone from a relationship. Couples should try to minimize any distraction and focus on how they can enjoy their relationship for what it may be.

11. Answer The Phone During Sex.
This is another warning sign that people are getting disinterested in sex. Minimizing distractions like these can refocus sex on the relationship that people are building.

12. Tweet About it Before, During, and After.
Social media has permeated almost all aspects of modern life. But couples should try to draw lines with how they communicate about sex. This could violate the privacy of people and even hurt feeling along the way.

13. Get Sex Over with as Fast as Possible – as Long as You’re Satisfied.
Sex should be something that couples look forward to. It will take some effort to make sure that both partners feel actively involved in this process. Couples can maintain and improve their performance in some important ways, assuming they can take the time.

14. Get Away as Fast as Possible Once You’re Finished.
Enjoying some down time after sex has ended is a vital part of the process as well. This is the perfect time to talk about how you feel with your partner and what you want out of the relationship. Finding the time for this may be challenging, but it will be well worth the effort.

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