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1. Burdock root

This herb has an age-long reputation when it comes to anti-inflammation. It is packed with sterols, essential fatty acids and tannins, which contributes to reducing power of treating inflammation and to relieve pain in joints.

2. Extra virgin olive oil
Research suggest that taking only two tablespoon of olive oil daily can help relieve pain in the joints. For the relief of joint pain, try eating about 2 tablespoons of olive oil as part of your daily diet. The oleocanthalorganic compound, available in the oil, inhibits the operation of the two major inflammatory enzymes (COX-1 &2) Olive oil is a natural remedy capable of alleviating the painful joints just like aspirin or ibuprofen.

3. Ginger and turmeric
Turmeric contains curcumin, an organic compound that has strong anti-inflammation properties. On the other hand, ginger is proven to have loads of therapeutic benefits like the ability to hinder our body’s response to injury by causing inflammation and this makes an ally to relieve joint pain.

4. Molasses
Only one tablespoonful of molasses can help significantly with pain in the joints. It is packed with useful minerals like potassium magnesium and calcium. Taking molasses everyday will help the body to regulate nerve functioning, strengthen our bones, and connective tissue repair.

5. Willow bark
Willow bark goes all the way back to Hippocrates. He is regarded as the father of modern medicine and is believed to have used willow bark and tree leaves to cure pain such as headaches and joint pain. Modern scientists, much later, identified salicin as the active chemical in white willow which is taken as the chemical responsible for incredible profits to treat joint pain. (Salicin was later to become the inspiration behind acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin as you may know it).

6. Dandelion leaves
This leaf is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C. These two vitamins play an active role in the regeneration of connective tissues of the body. Taking a cupful of dandelion leaf tea daily helps pace up regeneration and healing of injured joints. An infusion of dandelion to relieve joint pain is prepared with boiling fresh dandelion leaves and leaving it covered for at least 10 minutes. You can sweeten it with stevia and enjoy all its benefits.

7. Eucalyptus oil and methanol
The oil of eucalyptus is another very popular herb that is found in many commercial products. You can either buy creams with eucalyptus, or prepare it yourself. In modern medicine, eucalyptus is used hand in hand with methanol since methanol dissolves it. One of the best product you can use is Flexdermal. Flexdermal costs only $29.99 and is known to be effective in relieving joint pain. According to Flexdermal reviews, it contains both methanol and Eucalyptus and fortified with camphor.

8. Capsaicin
Perhaps the most widely used ingredient for short term joint pain relief. Capsaicin is mostly in cream format and it is very effective in relieving joint pain. Capsaicin cream is available in most supermarkets and drugstores.

9. Pectin and grape juice
Scientific research predicts that pectin plays a role in the lubrication restoration of elasticity in injured synovial membrane, which is inside our joints’ padded soft tissue. This is the tissue that allow you to move with ease. We still need more research on the topic, but those already drinking pectin are finding it effective, more so when it is combined with grape juice While there is still much research needed on this topic, people who drink liquid pectin found that this natural remedy is very effective, especially when taken with grape juice.

10. Nettle
The nettle contains a long list of nutrients that contribute to pain relief, strengthening bones, and reducing inflammation in the joints.

11. Licorice
Glycyrrhizin is the active organic compound found in licorice root and it is the one that is behind the root’s sweet taste. It also happens to be a potent anti-inflammatory that inhibits the activity of inflammation causing enzymes in ourbody, therefore it is effective to relieve joint pains.

12. Epsom salt
It contains Magnesium, an essential mineral, which equips the body with the ability to carry out several critical functions like the re-formation and curing injured joints and bones.

13. Cat’s claw
A study of Bastyr University found that cat’s claw provides a very effective relief for joint pain. Cat’s claw produces few side effects; gastrointestinal disturbances as the main complaint. Therefore, it is advisable to consume with caution

14. Borage oil
Some studies suggest that borage oil may be very effective in relieving joint pain and stiffness, and has reduced the need for medications. Taken in capsule form, it can reduce the sensitivity of the joints and inflammation. Side effects include headache and constipation. Talk to your doctor before taking the supplement.

15. Cayenne
According to Langone NYU Medical Centre, capsaicin containing cayenne pepper has been shown to be a reliever for moderate joint pain. A study cited by NCIB corroborates the effects of treatment as a topical remedy to relief mild pain. But you can use it in conjunction with other remedies mentioned herein for relieving joint pain.

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