If you have been suffering erectile dysfunction as a man, well you will be pleased to know that all is not lost. There are some remedies that can be taken so as to live a renewed and rejuvenated life where you enjoy your sexual exploits. According to a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, there is a combination of five key things that will help deal with erectile dysfunction in men. The research was conducted in Australia with 765 men being used of age group 35 – 80. Majority of the respondents in the study were in the older age bracket where erectile dysfunction has been shown to be similar.

A questionnaire was used for data collection where sexual desire, activity as well as preferences were assessed. General health questions were also included with questions regarding weight, physical activity, alcohol intake, sleep as well as depression being polled. The respondent’s activity was then followed over a 5 year period and results showed that an improvement in habits and health practices also saw an improvement in sexual function. The researchers showed that though sexual dysfunction affects men of all ages, there is a significant improvement in sexual practices when changes in lifestyle were made. Below are the five issues which were followed by the study.

1. Weight Management
Obese men were shown to have much lower testosterone levels as compared to men who were within the recommended body Mass Index BMI. It was thus advised that men should strive to keep within their specified weight limits as the BMI would need. This would entail a diet change as well as an increase in physical activity. Keep checking your weight in relation to the prescribed Body Mass Index and upon achieving the goal, work hard to stay within your weight.

2. Adequate Sleep
There is no doubt that sleep is of great concern when it comes to sleep deprivation. A good starting point is men who snore. If a man snores then they ought to be evaluated for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea interrupts a man’s sleep cycle, thus the rest needed by the body is not attained. Men must get adequate sleep for optimum testosterone levels to be achieved. Low testosterone levels are a major contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. A good sign of adequate sleep is the normal morning rise of the penis. If this is lacking, then there could be a problem even if erectile dysfunction has not hit yet, this, according to the researchers.

3. Regular Exercise
There is no question as regards the level of exercise. Regular exercise ensures that testosterone production is at its optimum level. As you become fit, your sex drive increases as well. The researchers also showed that when a person stops exercise, there is a direct correlation with a reduction in sex drive. More to it, regular exercise also helps a man improve confidence as well as well as boost his self esteem. Get on with the exercise and enjoy the immense benefits it has to offer.

4. Balanced Diet
Cholesterol is an agent that greatly hampers optimum production of testosterone levels in the body. Lowering testosterone levers would correspond with a boost in testosterone levels as well. High sugar levels were also shown to affect nerve action in the penis, especially for men with diabetes. In controlling sugar intake as well as instituting nutritionally sound choices, weight management will be aided as well as restoration of nerve action in the penis, thus an increased sexual appetite.

5. Limited Alcohol
Well, if you must partake in alcohol, ensure you keep it to the bare minimum. Having a drink or two was reported to go in line with reduced risk of cardiovascular problems. The cardiovascular issues have been reported to be a major contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. In managing your heart health, research showed that a direct correlation was shown with improved sex drive among the study respondents. Taking too much alcohol on a regular basis will prevent testosterone production as well as ruin heart health. The reason to this is that alcohol suppresses a lot of nerve action, thus may reduce sexual arousal or even sensitivity to sexual cues, as the brain may be able to produce hormones which aid in causing and sustaining an erection.

Making use of a combination of the aforementioned tips has been shown to help alleviate erectile dysfunction and enjoy a transformation in life. While at it, it is highly recommended that all the tips recommended are exercised in moderation. Overdoing any of the items mentioned might reverse the gains made, as a normal body operation must be sustained for value to be seen. Too much exercise, indulging in too much alcohol, strict dieting, oversleeping or even poor weight management practices can cause more problems than you were trying to solve.

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