Who hasn’t had trouble sleeping once in a while? You know the feeling, you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t fall back asleep for no amount of beans. Insomnia plagues nearly every person, child, and adult at some point in their lives.

What can you do? How can you get a better night’s sleep?

Here are 4 tips our experts say can have you back asleep and well rested in the morning.

6 Better Sleep Tips to Insomnia

1. Don’t force yourself to sleep

If you have trouble sleeping once in a while, don’t fret it. It may only cause you to lose more sleep. That’s what the sleep docs say.

Don’t make it wrong or bad or like, “I have to get some sleep, I HAVE to!” This may only increase the pressure to sleep and you can wind up not sleeping more. The first step is to accept the situation as it is, that you are awake now and that is fine for now.

2. Ask for a dream

If it’s the middle of the night and you’re stressing over a daytime relationship or job situation, imagine a scene or situation that calms and soothes you and focus on that.

Or, ask yourself to have a dream that is either relaxing or helps solve the problem you are stressing over. Focus on your question.

3. Ensure a comfortable sleep environment

A cool, dark and quiet room is the best way to fall and stay, asleep. Unless you’re a cat. In which case, the laundry, a couch, or your head, will do just fine.

4. Use your bed primarily for sleeping at night.

Kick your cell phone, tablet, work reports etc. to the curb at night. Let your bed be primarily for rest and relaxation. Create a stress-free “unplugged” zone.

5. Get up, stand up

If you can’t fall asleep with a half-hour or so, don’t lay in bed hoping “5 more minutes will do.”

Get up and take a short walk or read a positive or boring book. Play guitar. TV might help, but if it’s depressing or violent TV, it might make things worse.

You want to try and change the repeating pattern of thoughts in your head, which tends to keep you awake. Walking around or reading an uplifting book can help change the pattern and help you sleep.

6. Meditation and relaxation. Ask for Divine Intervention

Meditate by imagining nothing, just count 1 to 10 as you slowly breathe in and out. You can also do a simple affirmation meditation. Repeat the phrase: “Everything will work out fine. Everything is alright right now.”

If you are so inclined you can invoke your favorite deity to help you. As in, “God (Goddess, Zeus, Zoroaster, Great Spirit, Mr. Potato Head, whoever) I give all my pain and worry to you. Thank you for taking it away. With you, I am at peace.”