We all know that being healthy is more important than a mere number on the scales. With a lot of celebrities and sports personalities endorsing a positive body image, it is no surprise that going to the gym has become a fashion statement.

Whether you are a serious gym fanatic or just doing it to be in the loop, you are benefiting your body. The benefits of a good workout can’t be underestimated. A workout can literally make or break your day, from giving your body a jump start for the entire day to keeping you mentally refreshed. That said, you don’t have to work out for hours to get the benefits. Here we share a few simple tips to give a boost to your workout sessions!

 Your pre and post-workout meals matter

Many people have this misconception that in order to lose weight and stay fit, they need to drastically cut back on their caloric intake and increase their workout time. While it may hold true for some people, you should keep in mind that whatever you eat acts as fuel for your body.

Having a calorie-dense meal at least 45 minutes before a workout provides your body with fuel and allows you to work out longer and at a higher intensity. It doesn’t have to be a three-course meal; rather, a bowl of oats, a serving of yogurt parfait, and even a coffee shake are enough to fuel your workout.

As far as your post-workout meal is concerned, it is only natural that you would feel hungry. A good post-workout meal not only replenishes and refuels your body but also aids in the reconstruction of tissues that were damaged during the workout. It is usually recommended that you eat within two hours of finishing your workout. A protein bar, banana, and peanut butter shake, or even taking a whey protein shake are more than enough.

Add in Some Weights

Most of us are wary of weight training and think of it as equivalent to bulking up, but lifting weights doesn’t always lead to bulking up. Keeping your weights light and increasing the number of reps may actually lead to lean and toned muscles.

An additional benefit is that it burns as many calories in 30 minutes as a blazing run at a speed of a mile per six minutes. How cool is that?

 Challenge Yourself

It is always easy to drop out of a workout routine if you don’t change it on a regular basis. Monotony in your workouts not only leads to demotivation but can also lead to a lack of results. So always challenge yourself.
Mix in some new dance moves, add some light weight-training to your regular routine or swap some of your old exercise moves for new ones. This will add a new zest to your workout.

Your Playlist is as essential as your workout

According to research, listening to music not only reduces fatigue but also helps to grow and repair your cells. Make your workouts extra fun by adding upbeat music to your playlist.

Compound Moves Are the Best

In today’s world, everyone is extra busy with work and post-work commitments, and taking out time for a workout can seem like a million miles away. We have a neat solution for you. Add compound movements to your workouts.
These movements work out multiple muscles at the same time, making them time-efficient. Instead of doing a simple biceps curl, add a lunge to it, and not only will you be burning extra calories in less time, but you will also be challenging your body too! Mix in a few minutes of cardio with your compound moves and you are done!

Have Your Own Personal Mantra

Getting yourself out of bed in the morning for a workout is a huge deal for most of us. Keeping yourself psyched up for a workout is one of the best ways to stick to a regular routine. Have a motivating personal mantra for yourself whenever you feel demotivated to work out. It can be anything from a favorite quote to the lyrics of a song! Anything that motivates you to work out.

Your workouts are as much about your physical as well as your mental well-being.

You owe it to yourself!