If you want to achieve the science of healthy living and want to stay fit every day, yoga is the right answer. Yes! Yoga. Derived from the word ‘Yug’, a Hindu discipline in which a person adopts specific body postures while meditating to relax the body and soul simultaneously.

While yoga is ideal for spiritual relief, it is also perfect for various other physical problems such as inflexibility, weight gain, etc.

Therefore, if you feel the fad diets and the gym exercises are not working out for you, give this 6 yoga poses a shot and achieve your ideal weight loss goals like never before.

Surya NamaskarSurya Namaskar - Yoga Pose

This is one of the most commonly used yoga poses to achieve flexibility while stretching out the overall body muscles to basically tone up the whole body. Literally meaning ‘Salute to the Sun’, this yoga pose is an amalgamation of 12 different poses. However, let’s start from the basic.

How to: Start straight with feet aligned in line with the shoulders and back straight. Join your hands in front of your chest and stretch them away upwards towards the ceiling. The more you stretch the better. Simply come downwards so that your hand’s rest next to your feet and your body forms a tight bridge. Repeat 4 times.

Famous Crescent

This pose is ideal for toning hips, thighs, arms and belly. While this pose requires flexibility and balance, it, however, isn’t that difficult and can be perfected with practice.

How to: Stand up straight. Move one leg in front of the other and lunge. From a 90-degree angle from the front leg and keep the other leg straight. Now raise your arms above your head and join them at the center. Hold this pose for 5 seconds. Come to the original position. Repeat with the other leg. Voila!Famous Crescent Yoga pose

Rock the BoatRock the Boat yoga pose

This yoga pose is ideal for tight abs, tight upper thighs and a strengthened back. This pose shouldn’t be your first choice as this requires the body to be warmed up.

How to: Sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you with the back straight. Now slowly move back 45 degrees and lift the feet up from the floor. As the body forms a rocking boat, stretch your arms in front of you to align with the legs so that the abs, back, and thighs feel the pressure.

Low Plank: Hover

This pose is perfect for toning the tough shoulder fat, arms, abs, belly fat, and the back. This is a difficult yoga pose as it requires energy, balance, and patience.

How to: Basically get into push up position but while being on the toes. Spread the hands flat on the ground. Elbows bent backward at 45 degrees and back straight. Keep the body a few inches above the ground. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and lower the body to the ground for rest.Low Plank yoga pose

You can also make it harder by lifting up each leg one at a time a few inches above the hips while following this position!

The Cobbler Butterflies

Cobbler Butterflies yoga poseThis pose works directly on the lower body and strengthens the back. While it increases the flexibility of the outer and inner thighs, it also tightens them up and helps get rid of excess fat layers.

How to: Sit straight on the floor or ideally outside on the grass and keep your back straight. Now align your feet together from heel to heel so that the thighs bend from the inside. Now that your legs will form two flaps, simply flutter them like butterfly wings!

Do this for 60 seconds in one stretch. Relax and repeat 4 times. Avoid while menstruating.


This yoga pose is ultimately focused towards Malasana Yoga posestrengthening the leg muscles while also helping reduce lower abdomen fat. This pose might seem difficult initially but with practice and dedication, it can be perfected.

How to: Squat with your feet more than shoulder-width apart and sit on the ground. Keep heels on the floor. Now separate the thighs broader than your torso and lean forward to fit between the thighs. Now press your elbows against your inner legs and join the hands in a salutation pose. Hold this pose for a few seconds, rest and repeat.

Win your weight loss goals with simple yoga poses daily!