Whether you are flying across the country for a meeting or just need some tips for a morning commute, skin care tips are essential for you to look your best. Business women have a limited amount of time for skin care. To make the most of the time you have, use the following skin care techniques. Beauty and skin care do not have to be exclusive. Plan in advance and you can always look your best.

Moisturizing is a Must

When you get on a plane, the cabin pressure changes. This causes moisture to be pulled out of your body. Due to this, you can end up with dried out skin and chapped lips. Whenever you travel, pack a travel-sized bottle of moisturizer in your carry-on. In addition, make sure to bring some Chap Stick or lip balm. Before, during and after the flight, you must moisturize your skin. Drinking plenty of water can also help to make sure that your body stays hydrated.

Think Tinted

With the changing cabin pressure, stress and dehydration, the last thing that your skin needs is a heavy layer of foundation. Instead, use some tinted moisturizer after you land for a healthy glow. If you have to wear foundation, make sure that you use primer first. This will allow your skin to have an extra layer of foundation and can prevent dehydration.

Bring Along Rice Papers

Travel can be a nightmare for women who have oily skin. While the plane is drying out your face, your T-zone becomes oilier than ever. If you try to wash this oil off, it will only cause the rest of your face to dry out. Instead, bring along rice paper or blotting papers. These papers can help to absorb the oil without drying out the rest of your face.

Avoid Long-Lasting Lipstick

In normal life, long-lasting lipstick is great to get your through a conference or boardroom meeting. When it comes to a long flight, long-lasting lipsticks will dry out the lips. Even worse, they will leave your mouth feeling parched. If you absolutely must have color, use several coats of a lip stain. Above these coats, apply a layer of clear lip gloss, chap stick or lip balm. You can reapply this during your flight for a fresh look. For added protection, you should make sure to bring lip treatments in your carry-on bag. A medicated lip balm is great for hydrating the lips and will not remove your lip stain. It is also beneficial for any environment where heat or air conditioning would normally dry out your lips.

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Bring Along the Eye Drops

Flights and air conditioned buses dry out every part of your body—including your eyes. As your read or relax on the flight, your eyes may become red or irritated. This problem can be fixed by just remembering to pack some eye drops. These drops can help to refresh your eyes and prevent redness. If you have puffy eyes at the end of the flight, some ice in a wash cloth will solve the problem. The cool temperature will help to stimulate blood flow and instantly solve any puffiness.

Mascara and Bright Nail Polish Are Not Your Friends

Mascara and cream eye shadows are terrible for long flights, bus trips or train rides. If you are wearing cream eye shadow or mascara on your eyes, it will migrate as you nap. Likewise, bright nail polish should be avoided. It tends to chip during travel and leaves you looking unprofessional. Instead, simply buff and polish your nails. Even if your nails lose some of their gloss, it will not be noticeable to other business professionals.

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Never Touch Your Face

Normally, you want to avoid touching your face because the bacteria and oils can cause a breakout. When it comes to travel, you need to avoid touching your face because of all the bacteria and germs at the airport. A number of bacteria that you encounter could lead to skin problems or rashes. If you need to apply moisturizer or makeup, make sure to use an antibacterial lotion or hand wash to keep your skin safe.
Be Smart

All of the skin care tips in the world will not help if your bottles open up in mid-flight. Always remember to pack your skin care products in Ziploc bags in case they open. In addition, placing a strip of tape across the top of the bottle can ensure that they do not come open.

With the proper preparation, you can ensure that you arrive at your destination looking as good as you did when you left. These skin care tips are must-haves for any business woman. Remember to stay hydrated as you fly and pamper your skin. Adequate moisturizers and chap sticks will help to keep your skin soft and supple during the long trip.