1. Sexual Health Is Within You

What if someone told you that the ability to benefit your overall health, physical and sexual health is within you – would you believe it? Well, it is, in the chemicals that are released in the body through sexual activities. Sexual expressions have many positive healthy physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, and social benefits. The natural sexual activities are better than many male enhancement products that are designed to help male sexual health, i.e., premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

2. Oxytocin Hormone

The “feel good,” or bonding hormone – oxytocin has a history of being more attributable to women during childbirth and breastfeeding, but more recent studies show that this hormone increases during sexual activity for men as well. When the oxytocin hormone levels increase during sexual activity, men experience better mood swings, decreased anxiety levels, and fewer pain sensations. Known also as the stress hormone, natural production of oxytocin in men helps their blood vessels narrow, which means that their reaction to stress is better.

3. Sex Decreases Stress

Oxytocin decreases a man’s blood pressure, thus keeping strokes at bay. There are no male enhancement ingredients or male enhancement scam ads to worry about, Mother Nature has taken care of a man’s sexual health quite well through natural male enhancement chemicals and compounds. Having sex regularly decreases a man’s stress levels, which improves his immune system to fight off infections that can affect his sexual prowess and health.

4. Sex Is Good For the Heart

Healthy physical and sexual health is excellent for the heart. Sex is a wonderful side effect, as an enjoyable physical activity. Studies have shown that a man’s chance of developing heart disease or having a stroke, drastically lowers when he is experiencing good orgasms. Clinical studies have shown that sex reduces stress levels because the body’s pleasure neon’s that interconnect to the brain are stimulated via sex. Men also have a greater reduction in the risk of developing prostate cancer because of orgasms and testicle stimulation.

5. Hugs, Kisses, Sex, and Oxytocin

Having sex more often helps the hormone oxytocin, to enable men to feel closer to their partner, with a feeling of intimacy and relaxation being released. Oxytocin can be released with kisses and hugs, but a greater amount is released when men experience orgasms. Top university researchers have shown that endorphins that are released during an orgasm, very closely resembles the morphine high that users say they feel, whereby men also experience relief from pain.

6. Prolactin Hormone

Prolactin is another hormone or endorphin that is released during male sexual activities. Prolactin is a hormone that is found in both men and women and is primarily known to help women produce milk. Prolactin is men is not as profound as it is in women, but if it becomes too low or too high, men experience adverse sexual effects. High levels of prolactin are linked to lower testosterone hormone levels. Men experience low libido, low sperm counts, temporary infertility, and impotence when prolactin is too high.

7. Testosterone Hormones

Testosterone is the key to life for both men and women. But in men, it plays an important role in keeping erections strong and giving men a healthier penile system. Testosterone levels in men help to decrease depression and fatigue, as well as to strengthen their bone mass. Its benefit in penile health is greatly achieved for better erections, sperm production, penile growth, and attributes to a healthy prostrate system. Testosterone keeps balding at a minimum, helps in beard growth, increased sex drive, better sperm production, and stronger red blood cell production. Its benefit in the brain, for men, helps to influence the male libido and sex drive.

8. Male Hormones for Sexual Health

Another sexual hormone that works in partnership with testosterone is estrogen. Estrogen is not only associated in women, but it helps to kick drive the testosterone hormone. It is believed, though research is on-going, that estrogen and testosterone have more to do with the male sex drive then previous studies defined. In male sexual health, low testosterone and excessive estrogen can effect if men develop chronic diseases. Small amounts of active testosterone cells are converted to estradiol, which is a type of estrogen. Male estrogen is also key to their reproductive system because it matures the male sperm cells and helps to increase sexual desires. The enemy of a sexually healthy estrogen levels are excessive fat cells. Therefore, your best defense against too much estrogen is to lose weight. Losing weight will improve your testosterone to estrogen levels, leading to an improved sex drive and better erections and a strong sexual libido drive.

9. Dopamine

Then there is the hormone dopamine which has a bad reputation for being responsible the term sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. This is because dopamine hormones are what help to drive your compulsions or addictions. The hormone dopamine is responsible for increasing your sexual appetite and through the hypothalamus system, to direct the health of a man’s erections. Dopamine is one of the brain’s firing neurons that drive the sexual organs. The mesolimbic pathway is the culprit that drives the addictive nature of dopamine. It starts with cells that are located in the ventral tegmental area of the middle of the brain. When highly stimulated it sends out dopamine cells to react with the nucleus acumens and the brain’s cortex region.

My Thoughts

The summary of benefits of a healthy physical and sexual health without male enhancement reviews or male enhancement products, includes the following:

Physical and sexual health releases antibodies that fight infections, reduces stress and depression that averts high blood pressure having sex regularly can improve physical fitness with reducing excess fat cells and burn more calories for better enhanced sexual performance sex and exercise increases our analytical thought processes – it increases our brainpower why do men fall asleep after sex – a healthy brain and body. Released hormones (oxytocin, serotonin, norepinephrine, and vasopressin) gives us a sense of relaxation and comfort after a good orgasm. The part of the brain that interprets information received, slows down to a crawl after a male orgasm, thus, men nod off after intercourse no more pain during or after sex. Oxytocin promotes a feeling of calm, euphoria, and pleasure. a healthy physical and sexual health environment helps us to look younger. Orgasms release sex hormones (estrogen) that makes our hair and skin healthier looking. good testosterone levels cause lower blood pressure. Sex is good for the heart. Healthy physical and sexual health keeps the cardiovascular system in excellent working condition. Though some people have a fear that sex may give you a heart attack, this is not necessarily true. Loving sex making is good for the heart and is no harder on the heart than walking exercises. Men with better physical and sexual health also keep higher libido drives.

Additional benefits include healthier oral production because sperm and semen contain minerals that delay tooth decay, such as zinc, calcium, and magnesium. According to some clinical studies, regular sexual and physical health regiments pushes out carcinogens that may be lying in wait in the prostate gland that can turn cancerous. Frequent ejaculation decreased these risks, especially in older men. Also, frequent sex allows sperms to be released more frequently from the testicular ducts, allowing for more fertile DNA sperm contact.

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