There are many things that affect fertility in both male and female. This includes the things that are done daily as they have an effect on the overall health of an individual. It is important to know these things so that one can be cautious about how they live.
The nine things that are done daily and have an effect on fertility include:

Application of a sunscreen

Wearing of a sunscreen is one of the ways that can be used for the prevention of skin cancers but it can also contribute to sterility. A study that was done by longitudinal investigation of environment and sterility found out that sunscreen can reduce male fertility by 30%. The skin may absorb the chemicals like 3OH-BP or BP-2 and this can have an impact on the hormones. It is advisable to clean the sunscreen off one the individual is no longer exposed to sun.

Intake of processed meat

You might have to rethink about going out with your friends and taking red bacon, sausage and processed meat. A study that was done by the Harvard university showed that the men who take half a section of meat that is processed have 5.5% of sperms that are normal in shape as compared to 7.2% of the ones who ingested less. The research found out that taking fish is better in improving fertility as compared to taking processed meat.

Watching television

This is one of the reasons why he should not stay with the remote control and wake up from the couch. A study that was one by the British journal on sports medicine showed that the men who take a lot of time on their screens have a few number of sperms as compared to the men who take part in routine exercise. The people who were glued to TV for more than 20 hours per week had 44% reduced sperm count as compared to those who did not watch any television.

Taking alcohol

One of the side effects of drinking alcohol is the beer belly but this is not the only problem. The recent studies indicate that drinking of alcohol reduces the level of testosterone in the body and this will in turn lead to reduced production and quality of the sperms. It is advisable to drink in moderation and it is much better to stop drinking in general to improve the overall health.

Not having sexual intercourse

When a man is not having sex with their partners, it can make matters worse for him in terms of his fertility. Other people think that abstaining from sexual activity is one of the ways in which one can save sperms for his partner but this can reduce the sperm level. Soroka University located in Israel showed that the men who had a low level of sperms became worse by abstaining even for one day.


Stress is bad for the general health as it has an effect on both the physical and emotional well being of an individual. Whether the stress is work related or having a low level of sperms, when the stress is prolonged and severe, it can have an effect on the production of testosterone.

Taking soy

This is one of the most nutritious and delicious foods that can be taken but it can have a negative effect on fertility. A study that was done by the public health in the Harvard school showed that the men who take half a serving of soy had reduced sperm production. This is because of the isoflavones that are found in the soy products as they mimic the activity of estrogen.

Using the cell phone and laptop

These are part of his favorite things in terms of technology but they may be affecting his fertility. Research has shown that the heat that is produced from the laptop can elevate the temperature in the scrotum and this will decrease the production of sperms. A study that was done in 2008 showed that there was a strong correlation between the people who used the cell phones and their sperm count. The people who talked for long using their cell phones had sperms that were weaker and fewer.


Research has shown that the people who do not take animal products may have reduced fertility. A research that was done at a medical school of Loma Linda University showed that vegetarians had a reduced sperm count as compared to those who use the animal products. The results showed that vegetarian had 50 million sperm count per 1 ml as compared to the carnivores who had 70 million sperms per ml.


The things that are done everyday have an effect on the fertility of an individual this includes the food that is taken, living a sedentary lifestyle without exercising and drinking of alcohol. More research has shown that new technology of using laptop and cell phones for long hours could also have a negative effect on the production of sperms.

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