Let’s look into the topic that many fear talking about- male enhancement. Lots of people have been secretly writing emails wanting to know if they are safe and whether they work. Let’s look at a short history…

The origin of “aphrodisiac” can be traced back to the Greek mythology and references Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Since time immemorial we, men, have searched for aphrodisiacs in order to stimulate and enhance our failing passion (read libido). Through time, longevity has increased and so has our pursuit for enhanced experience.

In enters Viagra, it has proven itself as choice product for many but it is also a prescription medication that is not appropriate for all men and it is now being considered “inadvisable” for those men with underlying cardiovascular risk.

In the case of many of us, a more natural remedy with accompanying benefits of mellowness and tradition effectiveness is needed. The following supplements, none of which require a prescription, are commonly used as male enhancement products;

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) – DHEA is a synthetic hormone supplement, that ranks pretty high among the most sought after over-the-counter aphrodisiacs. The natural form of it is regarded an endogenous hormone, made in the human body and secreted by the adrenal gland. DHEA is available in all manner of forms ranging from capsules, tablets, chewing gum, under the tongue drops, and creams. Taking synthetic DHEA as a supplement however, can cause higher than normal levels of androgens and estrogens which theoretically increases the risk of prostate, breast and ovarian cancers.

Yohimbine – The yohimbe tree is a tall and year round tree native to western Africa. Yohimbe bark has traditionally been used in Africa for the same purposes as it is used today. As a dietary supplement, the dried bark is grounded and mixed with tea and taken by mouth; an extract of the bark may also be put into capsules and tablets. The amount of yohimbine in dietary supplements may vary with some products containing very little yohimbine. It has side effects, such as hypertension, anxiety, manic symptoms, and interactions with used medications.

Epimedium – Commonly known as horny goat weed, it is considered to be the most powerful of vegetarian sexual tonics. Horny goat weed possess male hormone-like actions and is believed to work by stimulating our nervous system, especially the nerve endings in your genitalia. It is used to arouse sexual desire, but some of us take epimedium for sexual related problems, including involuntary ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba and muirapuama – Grows mostly in Peru and Brazil, catuaba and muirapuama are trees popular for their medicinal properties. Popular with natives of the northern Amazon river basin, the bark, has been used for centuries both to improve libido and to improve sexual potency.

You have not experience the best of male enhancement products if you have never used Virectin. Virectin is taunted as the best enhancement supplement in the market today. This product is made from all natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective without having harmful side effects on the user. The product is much safer than most of the competitor’s since it is all natural with hand-picked ingredients that have been proven save for human use.

Where to buy virectin?
The product is available from the official online website where you will be given a 60-day money back guarantee upon purchase. The product is also sold over the counter in major retail stores and online stores like Amazon. The difference in pricing depends on the shipping and handling policies of the retailer. Never the less, the product is relatively cheaper when compared to competition and thus it is highly recommended.

About the Author: Doyle Faulkner

Doyle is an Award Winning health researcher, writer, and Editor for BestSuggestor and done Masters Degrees in Sport & Exercise Science. He is investigating dietary supplements since last 15 years and appeared in Fox 29 News, Prevention Magazine, WebMD etc. He is passionate about the growing awareness of natural health options and what this means to support our healthy, balanced lifestyles. He is have written some books on the healthy diet which are featured on Amazon. He also enjoys sharing the latest research and product reviews in a way that people can use to improve their health.

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