Does DNA Provide the Perfect Anti-Ageing Recipe

Can people control the aging process by controlling their DNA? This is a question that some people wonder about and the answer to this inquiry is maybe. Medical professionals already use DNA research to tailor make diets for athletes and other people who need a special nutrition plan. Medical professionals have used DNA testing for years as means of controlling a person’s age.

What Makes us Age?
When people age they do so because of the free radicals that have been released into their skin. A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in its outer shell. Once this happens it causes the body to break down on the cellular level.

People can also artificially release free radicals in their body when they eat an unbalanced diet, experience a lot of stress, do not get enough sleep or are exposed to pollution or the sun for a long period. Lack of exercise can also release free radicals. All of this happens over a period of years. Bad nutrition creates a condition called oxidative stress and it also causes people to age at an accelerated pace.

How to Delay The Process of Aging?
People can delay the aging process by eating right, getting enough rest, staying out of sun and by avoiding harmful substances such as cigarettes and drugs. If they could at least follow these processes they will be able to effectively reduce some of the effects of aging.

How DNA can Help to Reduce Aging Effects?
The reason medical professionals try to use DNA specific diets to stop the aging process, is to eliminate the extra amount of free radicals within a person’s body. Once they can do this they can in fact slow the aging process. Does this always work? The answer is yes and no.

While it is true that people can eat a specific diet that is designed to work exclusively with their system it will not guarantee that they will look younger. A DNA diet can make them look better but they also have to consider other factors such as exercise, alcohol use and getting enough sleep. A specific DNA diet will not completely reduce the effects of aging on its own.

Is DNA a Perfect Anti-Aging Recipe?
Keep in mind that there are some DNA researchers who are working to completely eradicate the problem of aging. Again, while they are realistically close to accomplishing such a feat they cannot completely stop the signs of aging in your 30s. The most they can do is slow it down and extend a person’s youth by a few more years. Researchers have made great strides over the years with DNA research and they are constantly discovering new ways to improve people’s lives. The only problem with DNA manipulation is that it is not always predictable and no one can always accurately determine results.

Are There Any Side Effects?
There are not any particular side effects to a DNA diet. This diet does not involve the use of any type of ingredients. People will have to spend a lot money to get a DNA test and that could be considered a downside. People should consult with their physician to ensure that this plan is okay for their particular situation.

Manipulating DNA to control a person’s age is not an easy thing to accomplish. For some people this process works but for many others it does not. The best thing that people can do to keep themselves looking younger and healthier is by using established and sound anti-aging principles. However, they should not completely rule out DNA science. Any person who is interested in knowing if this process is a practical way for them to reduce the effects of aging should consult their physician.

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