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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)  has become popular especially among men who have low or no testosterone. Because testosterone is an important hormone that can affect men in many aspects of their lives, it is only wise to explore their options towards testosterone supplementation. One of the available testosterone supplements today come in the form of Axiron which can be topically applied to the armpits. The concept may be the same to other testosterone gels available today, however, this testosterone supplement is most talked-about with regards to the manner of its application.

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Product Details

Axiron is a 2% testosterone solution which is pumped into an applicator cup and is applied into the armpits. It is important to note that the product is not a deodorant and does not have properties found in most deodorants. Each application is approximately 30-120mg of testosterone and is believed that only a small amount of this dosage is actually absorbed into the body.Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Because of this manner of application, this product claims to be as the “only underarm testosterone treatment” today. It also claims to be clinically-tested and proven to raise testosterone levels. According to their clinical trials, 7 out 10 men observed significant improvements in their testosterone levels beginning with a 60mg dosage for two weeks.

Product Advantages

Most people are concerned if their testosterone applications come in contact with other people. Axiron minimizes this possibility by applying testosterone in a more isolated part of the body. Since the area to be applied on is smaller as compared to other products which are applied on the arms or shoulders, this product only needs to be applied minimally everyday. The applicator cup also comes as an advantage since men don’t have to wash their hands off after using the product.

Product Disadvantages

While the area it is applied on and the mode of application is seen as an advantage, some people also see it as a problem area. Since the armpits are smaller compared to the arms and the shoulders, the application is concentrated on a much confined and isolated area. The skin can only absorb a limited amount of testosterone and may hit saturation at some point.

If only a little amount of testosterone, despite its higher solution concentration, is absorbed into the bloodstream, some users may think that the product will fail in delivering on its promises of supplying more testosterone in the body.

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Customer Reviews on Axiron

Azalin Says (New York):

I was prescribed with Axiron for Low T and are exploitation it each day as prescribed for thirty days currently. I even have detected some terribly positive aspect effects, like a lot of energy and magnified drive. sadly, however, the consequences don’t seem to be all positive. i have been experiencing “peaks and valleys” within the effects of Axiron. Everything I even have examine this medication states that the specified results are going to be noticeable, and therefore the effects can upland (even out) in approx. 15 days. when thirty one days exploitation Axiron, i’m still having severe ups and downs most perceptibly with my moods and temper. (I have magnified violence, however on the and aspect, i do not cry the maximum amount throughout sex. Lol.) All jesting aside, if anyone else has had similar experiences with Axiron treatment, i might adore to listen to from you. i might additionally prefer to apprehend the professionals and cons of exploitation Axiron vs. androgen injection medical aid.


Just like its other hormone replacement competitors, Axiron comes with its own advantage and disadvantages. For men who need more testosterone entering the bloodstream, this product may not come as a top choice. And for men who need a higher testosterone solution, this product has the advantage as it comes with a 2% solution. In the end, it’s a matter of weighing the testosterone needs of the body in order to determine if the product is right for you or not.

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