With the proper diet, you may be able to get all the protein you need without supplementation. However, protein shakes act as a great aid to those who are in need of consuming greater amounts of protein or who are having difficulty consuming adequate amounts. Protein shakes may be especially important right after an intense bout of exercise (particularly those involving heavy weight-lifting) to help replenish nutrients that were depleted during the exercise. This helps the body and the muscles recover faster, especially when adequate amounts of carbohydrates are also a part of the protein shake. You can purchase protein shakes at the Vitamin Shoppe in Santa Ana, Nutrishop, or other local health supply stores.

Major benefits of protein shake supplementation:

Liquid-form protein for quicker absorption into the bloodstream (important in the recovery process of muscles-perhaps one of the more popular reasons for protein shake supplementation explored further below)
Larger amounts of protein delivered in a single dose
Quick & easy consumption of protein
It can sub as a small meal-replacement to cut out some extra calories (although it shouldn’t be substituted for all meals nor the majority of meal throughout the day)
Protein and muscle recovery

Protein contains some important amino acids that our bodies need, but do not naturally make on their own. Protein provides the building blocks necessary for muscle and tissue growth and repair as well as for the production of hormones. The use for protein in our bodies is seemingly endless, which is why protein is so important in our diets.

The need for protein may increase with endurance and heavy weight-lifting exercise as this exercise may produce micro-tears in the muscle. Micro-tears are the result of a muscular contraction that the muscle is not used to (this is why we may feel sore after an intense workout). In order for the muscle to repair itself and grow stronger, it needs protein.

The faster protein is supplied to the muscle and other tissues in need of repair, the faster the recovery will be. In order for this to be possible, you also need adequate amounts of protein.

The great thing about protein shakes is that they provide large amounts of protein and may be absorbed into the bloodstream within 30 minutes in some cases. This is one of the main reasons protein shakes amongst weight-lifters and athletes is so popular–the faster the recovery the quicker the results may be achieved and the less the chance of overtraining.

Protein shakes offer many rewarding benefits, but their benefit to muscular recovery may be one of the most notable. If you are looking for greater muscular results in a shorter period of time, you may want to consider protein shake supplementation.

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