If you plan to go for breast augmentation, don’t expect to wear the same bras you used to wear. Breast augmentation affects the bra size you wear because the procedure alters your breast size. If you used to have A or B cup size breast before surgery, don’t expect to wear bras of size 36A or 34B once you are through with the recovery period.

Most women take pleasure in purchasing new bras because it is an opportunity to indulge in shopping and put on a new style not only for the bras but for the entire wardrobe. But before you dash out to the lingerie store, you need to remember that you have to be patient with your breasts after surgery to get the right bra size for your breasts. Go through some tips listed below that will help you choose the right bra size once you are through with breast augmentation recovery.

Getting the right bra after breast augmentation

It’s important to get the right bra after surgery because if you get a bra that is not right for you, you will just want to take it off. When you are purchasing bras after the breast surgery, don’t look for the cup or band size, look beyond them. Look at the style and the cut of the bra,

Let’s begin by discussing the bra size. Once you are done with the breast augmentation, the results usually come in series, meaning that a bra size that will fit you a month after the surgery might not fit you three months down the line. Swelling is a big factor when you consider the bra size you will end up wearing. This is one reason as to why you should be slow at your bra investment.

Don’t go all out in purchasing new bras because they might end up being big or small. Purchase one bra at a time and purchase more as you get to the final breast size. If you are not aware of the process involved in identifying the right bra size, take a look at the process below. The first step is to measure the place beneath your breasts to get the band size. If the result is an odd number, add 5 inches to it, but if the result is an even number, add 4 inches to it.

For instance, if the measurement of your lower chest region is 25 or 26 inches, your band size will be 30. For the cup size, measure the fullest part of your breasts and minus that number from the band size to settle on the cup size. If three inches is the difference, then you will wear a C cup. If the difference is 4 inches, you will wear a D cup e.t.c.

What you need to know when wearing bras after breast augmentation

Your surgeon will provide you will clear-cut instructions on how to take care of your breasts for a good recovery, including when you will start to wear a bra and the bra type you need to wear. There are doctors who prefer to go braless to allow the breast to heal comfortably and properly after surgery. Others will recommend some post-surgical bras that will help to prevent shifting of the implants and also help in reducing the swelling.

Although there are different recommendations on post-surgical bra selection, most surgeons tend to agree that women should not wear the traditional bra that has an underwire up until six weeks are over after surgery. This is because normal bras will negatively affect the healing process by casing improper settlement of the implants.

After getting the correct bra size from your surgeon, go shopping and start fitting different sizes and designs that work best for you. Below are the top 5 best bras you need to go for.

Brilliant Contour Bras

This brand of bras is tailor-made to provide emotional and physical aid to support your breasts after breast augmentation. They are sports recovery bras used to support in their design, color option and patterns for women to feel beautiful in them during recovery. According to Brilliant Contours company, the bras can be worn once you are out of surgery. Since they have fun fabrics that provide a comfortable fit, they can also serve as long-term sports bras.

Lipoelastic Bras

Right after surgery, the surgeon may recommend the use of a post-surgical bra to use during the recovery period. If you want bras that offer compression for the breasts after surgery, lipoelastic bras are the right bras to support the growth of the breast tissue around the implants.

These bras have fabric that prevents the growth of bacteria after surgery to avoid risks of infection. The lipoelastic compression bras can speed up the recovery process, reduce bruising and scarring, and prevent the shifting of implants.

Macom Signature Bra

This is a best seller bra for post-surgical purposes. This is a wireless and seamless bra that is designed to avoid any irritation on the fragile breast tissue. The adjustable front closure is provided by the bra and expandable cups to most the shape of the breasts post-surgery; these features provide stability and implant compression as they recover.

Plunge-Type Bras

The plunge-type bra is ideally designed for firmer and fuller breasts sizes. They are flattering for the breasts, but they also have shorter under-wires which help to provide the best fit right after breast augmentation.

Breast Whisperer Bra

This is an antigravity bra that is ideal for women who have implants, and they desire to have a well fitting night-time bra. This bra has been developed by a joint effort between a fashion designer and a plastic surgeon. The Breast Whisperer is wireless and seamless that provide a lightweight design that lifts and maintains the shape of the breast after surgery.


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