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Best Prostate Protection Plan – Do Not Ignore These Signs

Here we have a suggestion that you should renew your gym membership, due the statement that is published in the journal CANCER that, a physical workout is the best way which helps you to reduce the chances of prostate cancer.

A research has taken on an approx. 300 men those who are facing the problem of prostate biopsy i.e. approx. 170 Caucasians and approx. 140 African Americans, and to complete the research that analyzed that how much time they spend on a physical workout in a week. The result shows that those men who are moderately active means exercised for 9 to 18 hours in a week are having 53% less chance of biopsy result which indicates the causes of prostate cancer.

In a study by author Lionel L Banez, M.D. , a scientist at the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical center says that it is strange that only the white men saw the benefits of physical exercise, and he points to a possible connection that physical exercise have impact on hormonal profiles of human, and both white men and black men possess different physical profiles.

Dr. Banez states that physical exercise is known for reducing the risk factor of heart-related (Cardiovascular) disease, so men must continue to perform the physical exercise. He says that it is a proven fact in spite of having prostate cancer many victims are dead because of heart-related (Cardiovascular) disease as compared to the cancer death.

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