What is Bio Glucosamine:

Bio-Glucosamine is a dietary supplement that claims to repair and improve the health of the joints and connective tissues. As a joint health aid, it reportedly helps reduce the pain and inflammation caused by joint-affecting diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and back pain. It is currently commercially available in the United Kingdom, where it was first developed as a health aid for the elderly, who were statistically more prone to joint-affecting diseases. More recently, Bio-Glucosamine became available to American consumers. Recent evidence suggests it may help reduce pain and inflammation around the joints.

What ingredients are in Bio Glucosamine?

Bio-Glucosamine are fully listed on the official company website and it seems as though Bio Glucosamine reviewGlucosamine is the main active ingredient. It’s the naturally occurring human cartilage compound.

Is Bio Glucosamine Safe?

The website states that it might have a few side effects such as affecting the efficacy of other drugs, including NSAIDS and diabetic medications. A doctor’s consultation is advised before use.

Does Bio Glucosamine Work?

Bio-Glucosamine could possibly lessen the pain caused by several diseases affecting the joints. The 2006 Chondroitin Arthritis and Glucosamine Intervention Trial sponsored through the National Institute for Health showed that Glucosamine could reduce moderate to severe knee Osteoarthritis. However, there were a small number of improvements seen within people that had less severe types of Osteoarthritis. Many researchers are not in agreement as to whether Glucosamine works more effectively for knee Osteoarthritis treatment. The second study occurring in 2008 specifically focused on Glucosamine effects on individuals that had been suffering from Osteoarthritis for up to 28 months. That study revealed conclusions of Glucosamine offering reduction for cartilage loss, which is a very serious occurrence of OA.

Grade B:
Bio Glucosamine has been given a B is a beneficial product for joint relief and repairing of connective tissues. The company did go out of its way to list other helpful information on its website such as contact info and instructed dosage, but we were unable to find any customer testimonials. The manufacturing companies also stated that their products have taken part in over 8000 scientific studies. Purchase price is unknown so we’re guessing you’d have to contact the manufacturer for that information if wishing to order.