Body by Vi Challenge offers the best opportunity for people world over to maximally utilize the stored fat in the body for weight loss and at the same time energy gain for good health and lifestyle. No other product in the market shall one find that offers a challenge in itself with great rewards for the winners. Body by Vi makes use of its well-made platform for checking on those individuals who have lost much weight and gained strength in the last ninety days of the use of this product. In other words, the product is sold to the people and tracking is done on them to know how they are faring since the time they started using the product hence it is a challenge in itself. The manufacturing company does a great job in rewarding those individuals who have lost the greatest amount of weight within that time frame of 90 days.

Body by Vi Challenge Offer and Ingredients

The main ingredient in this product includes protein blend that serves the purpose of uniquely facilitating the process of fat burn in the body. When the fat layers both at the adipose layers and subcutaneous layers have been burnt, the body realizes a lot of energy and which is far much making the user go for several intensive workouts that eventually leads to the cutting of excess weight by the user.

There is also non-GMO soya that is very important for the effective functioning of the heart and related cardio activities. Once the heart beats smoothly then the efforts to burn fat will be achieved because of the pumping of oxygen-rich blood into the muscles of the body and other tissues.

There is also a list of well above twenty-three vitamins and minerals that are relevant for the protection of the body and maintenance of strong bones by the user concerned.

What Does Body by Vi Challenge Claim To Do?

The product claims to aid the body in the process of burning fat so as to cut the excess weight that may be growing in the body of the user.

The product further claims to provide a lot of energy to the users and in the process cause no harm to the normal functioning of the body.

Body by Vi Challenge Pros

  • The product is applauded for being instrumental in the cutting of excess weight by the user concerned.
  • The product is also well accredited for boosting the levels of energy on the user. The user is known to gain a lot of strength when using the product and by that is deemed important.
  • Moreover, Body by Vi Challenge has the benefit of having no known side effects on the user to date. This is, therefore, one product for everyone.
  • There is plenty of information on the company’s website about the product and this makes it worth the trust of the user.
  • When ordered by the client, the product is delivered far much in time and in the case of failure to deliver, the user shall receive their money back in less than twenty days with enough explanations on the reasons that led to the failure.
  • Use of the product is accompanied by a challenge competition where the successful users can win great prizes up to $5,000 after using the product for ninety days.

Body by Vi Challenge Cons

  • There is not much scientific work that is clinical based research on the suitability of the product for human use.
  • To some users, the competition is seen as a gamble and the winners are usually members of the company that plough back the money into the company after they have received it ceremoniously.
  • There have been complaints from users that the product has not actually achieved the high performance that it claims to. It sets targets that it does not fully attain leaving the users doubting on its credibility.

Where Can I Purchase Body by Vi Challenge?

The product is readily available at the company’s website and just by a click of the mouse the user shall have made an order and in no time the product shall have been delivered especially for those who reside in the United States of America.

Does Body by Vi Challenge Really work?

The product really does what it claims to do; this is according to the already users of this great fat burning product.


Worried about the heavyweight, tried all the products available in the market today, in need of some money at the moment for one reason or the other, your help has arrived. With Body by Vi Challenge, you stand a great chance to achieve all the above. To begin with, the product will help you attain the lean weight then it may also be possible for an individual user to get involved in the competition with great chances of walking home with up to $5,000