Boswellia Review:

Boswellia is a joint and respiratory supplement, created by Savesta said to be a manufacturer with an earth-friendly work selection in all of its products. It comes in a form of a capsule and is taken 1 tablet with meal, two to three times per day. The benefit of SavestaBoswellia comes from a keen element known as boswellic acids. With 85% of boswellic Acids, Boswellia is the most effective Boswellia extract obtainable, while most Boswellia products consist of 40% to 65% of Boswellic Acids. A bottle of 60 tablets is priced at $11.49.Boswellia by Savesta Review

Boswellic Acids is the key ingredient in Savesta Boswellia, making this joint supplement very effective. Boswellia is 500 mg, (85% boswellic acids 425 mg, and 5% AKBA 25mg). Other Ingredients are tree resin extract, crosscarmellose sodium, vegetable glaze, stearic acid, silicone dioxide, magnesium stearate, and cellulose.

Does Boswellia Work?

Testimonials are not given on Savesta Boswellia website, but there might be retailers that provide customers testimonials such as the one’s we’ve found on Amazon. Used in Ayurvedic practice, the wonderful resin from the bark of Boswellia was used to create healthy joints and lung function, this is just another useful element that does its job. Clinical studies show the use of the active ingredient and Boswellic Acids is known to produce effective results.

Is Boswellia Safe?

There is no clinical testing information provided for Savesta Boswellia. However, the leading ingredient that makes up most of Boswellia formula is known to be safe. Boswellia is not recommended for women during pregnancy, and approval of a health care or general practitioner is advised for women who are nursing. Immune suppressing drugs or COX -2 medications are not to be taken with Boswellia. It is a vegetarian tablet, no animals testing has been done with this product. This supplement is gluten, soy and wheat free. Nevertheless it has not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration.


Grade C has been given to Boswellia. The fact that there haven’t been a good number of positive testimonials from people who might have used Boswellia, it put Boswellia at average ratings. There are no clinical tests or studies involving Boswellia as a whole, yet just the ingredients. It’s like a use and find-out-for-yourself type of product.

I guess that’s why the price can be set so low compared to others in its field that are well known, proven effective and might cause a bit more but definitely worth it. There are no money-back-guarantees mentioned, but some of the retailer sites mention a buy 1 get 1 free offer and that can help sell or distribute this product. The ingredients in Boswellia are used in most of joint supplements today and that can give Savesta Boswellia a fighting chance.

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