Scientists have found a specific part of the brain that impacts the ability of people over fifty-five years old to concentrate. This portion of the brain is called the locus coeruleus and is referred to as the blue spot. The blue spot is responsible for the brain’s stress and anxiety responses to stimuli. When it is stimulated, it is harder for adults to concentrate on tasks.


A study performed in an age group of 18 – 34 year old and another age group of 55-75 year old found an age-related weakness in the blue spot of the brain. In the age group of 55-75 year old, the blue spot is stimulated more often than in the younger age group. This increased stimulation meant the older age group suffered an increased amount of stress and anxiety responses. This led to them being less capable of concentrating.

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There are naturally occurring substances that can help decrease the stimulation of the blue spot and improve concentration and focus. These substances are vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Gingko Biloba leaf extract, vinpocetine, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are brain boosting natural substances. They have cognitive enhancing properties that can improve the brain’s function and the ability to concentrate and focus on older adults.

BRAINTONUS is a unique nootropic. Its formula of these brain-boosting substances can increase productivity and efficiency. It is specifically designed for older adults that want to perform daily and work-related tasks as they used to be able to. BRAINTONUS avoids chemicals and preservatives, using only high quality naturally occurring ingredients.

BRAINTONUS is taken one to two times daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. It is not a prescription supplement. Results can be seen within one week with maximum results seen in four weeks.

We tested BRAINTONUS ourselves to see if it was able to help improve concentration and focus on the day to day activities. This is what we found.

Week One: Impressively, there was certainly a slight change after seven days. I noticed that tasks that I normally struggled to finish, I was able to get through. I wasn’t necessarily getting them done faster, but I felt more motivated to finish the project so I could have the sigh of relief that comes afterward.

Week Two: By the second week of taking BRAINTONUS, it was definitely clear that it was not just another brain supplement. Brain fog and mental fatigue were seriously diminished. During week one, I got tasks done because I felt more motivated. In week two, I was getting them done in about half the time. This time difference was a result of sitting down, concentrating and getting the task at hand done. Whether it was chores at home or finishing up a work project, I felt like a school kid again. I wanted to finish the project and make my boss or spouse proud!

Week Three: The prior effects were still there and there was a definite increase in focus and concentration. By Day 21, I also felt more caught up. I wasn’t behind on work tasks or daily life tasks, like grocery shopping. I was able to start my day by telling myself what I needed to get done and then was able to remember everything on my mental to-do lists. By the end of the day, things were done. I wasn’t even exhausted from being so productive like I would have thought.

Week Four: With my memory improved and actually wanting to get tasks done, I am living my life like I had was living fifteen years ago. I felt like the spunky, new guy at the office. I was the one handing projects in before the deadline and my boss took notice. I’ve also felt a general mental health improvement. I’m not sure if it’s the brain supplement or not, but I feel more satisfied with life. I’m an all-around happier, more energetic person.

BRAINTONUS is a nootropic brain supplement formulated for 35+ year old adults that need to get their focus, energy, and productivity back. It can help increase focus and concentration and improve memory. Supplementing with BRAINTONUS means work projects get done and bosses are happy. It also means home projects get done and spouses are happy. Boost brain power and, in turn, life by using BRAINTONUS.

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