All women want to look their best on their wedding day. Apparently, losing a few pounds and going to a salon for professional hairstyling and makeup is not enough for a flawless appearance. Some brides go even further to look their best – they go under the knife and have plastic surgery. In this category, we should add all kinds of interventions starting from simplest (e.g. Botox injections, microdermabrasion) to the most complex (e.g. breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift).

Pre-wedding cosmetic procedures are on the rise, and a specific name for this whole new makeover has materialized – the bridalplasty. Some of the most popular interventions a bride-to-be wants are breast implants and liposuction and not Botox. In fact, according to specialists, 13% of annual bookings for plastic surgery are pre-wedding treatments.

The Bridalplasty Makeover

Every future bride wants to look amazing on her big day. The dress has to fit perfectly onto the body; the skin has to be glowing as well as the hair. Fortunately, for skin and hair, there are affordable, convenient treatments available in the marketplace. From taking supplements based on omega-3s to drinking vitamin shakes, the variety is endless. However, not all future brides have time to lose enough weight before their big day. This is where cosmetic procedures like liposuctions and tummy tucks come in.

The bridalplasty makeover involves all sorts of cosmetic interventions; some of them are actually pretty unpleasant and they require several weeks for the affected area to recover. It’s laudable that a woman wants to look fabulous on her big day; however, this doesn’t mean she has to change her entire body just to look fabulous for 24 hours. There are alternatives that don’t imply going under the knife.

Plastic surgery – a bride’s preferred ritual to the perfect body on her big day

From seating arrangements to the dress, to flowers and music, we must admit that a bride has a lot to deal with when it comes to organizing the most important day of her life. And since every woman thrives for perfection, this also includes a few pre-wedding cosmetic interventions for a flawless look.

The AAFPRS, or the Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, argues that women list weddings as the most important reason for them to go under the knife. In terms of popular procedures, brides-to-be first go for their face. They have cheek, forehead and lip injections for a fuller, more younger-looking complexion. The AAFPRS also claims that the age of women undergoing cosmetic procedures is no longer 40 but 25. It’s amazing how preoccupied young women in their 20s are these days!

A closer look at the numbers

In 2013, 28% of women who chose some sort of cosmetic surgery were 25 and under. This clearly shows that younger women thrive for perfection from a very fragile age. The reduced time of recovery, new advances in techniques and fabulous number of minimally-invasive procedures has convinced women that plastic surgery is not as bad as it seems. As for future brides, it’s quite normal to want to look your best on the most important day of your life.
A quick fix just before your wedding might be exactly what you need to feel confident, beautiful and positive.

In 2012, several of the most requested non-surgical cosmetic fixes were:

As for surgical procedures preferred by brides-to-be, in 2012 the most common were:

Plastic surgery is now more popular than ever. However, women no longer want to have interventions and brag about them. Overly-sized breasts are outdated, as well as the super-sized lips. More modern and stylish women have these interventions but they choose not to exaggerate; they don’t want anyone to notice that they had something done to their face or bodies. Future brides would definitely go under the knife if that means visibly improving their appearance faster than other beauty methods.

Bottom line is cosmetic surgery before your wedding is not just cool but also recommended. Certain interventions such as tummy tucks and microdermabrasion instantly boost your complexion and physique without too much effort.