What is Brintellix?

Major Depressive Disorder is something that has become the leading cause of disability in adults. Brintellix claims to solve this issue by acting as an effective anti-depressant.

Key Ingredients and how they work?

Following are a few major Brintellix ingredients;

Vortioxetine hydrobromide – it is an active ingredient and a powder ranging from white color to slightly beige that is slightly water soluble. It is known as a treatment for anxiety and depression
Other important ingredients are;

  • Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
  • Mannitol
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Iron Oxide Yellow
  • Iron Oxide Red

The level of serotonin in the brain differs in quantity from a normal individual to the person suffering from depression. Brintellix restores the quantity required for this natural substance in the brain because it has Vortioxetine, a SSRI. This selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor basically works as a serotonin receptor modulator in the brain. Hence more neurotransmitters are available in the area where neurons pass command signals to other cells of the body due to which depression patients experience an improved mood and interest in life.


Following are Brintellix benefits as Brain Pills;Brintellix Brain Pill

The thing which is new in this medication is the broadening the potential from only an anti-depressant to the only anti-depressants which have a higher response rate because its serotonin transmission is multifaceted
It also causes lesser sexual side effects, such as low libido or sexual drive, so people on anti-depressants can experience a better sexual health.

It also has an improvement on the cognitive side of depression, which includes improvement in concentration.

Following are the Brintellix drawbacks;

True, the drug affects the serotonin receptor; however please take note that it also affects other receptors related to serotonin function.

  • Brintellix comes with its set of side effects.
  • You cannot find it in generic form.
  • Because Brintellix is new so its results are still not proven.
  • Patients taking Brintellix may have increased suicidal thoughts.
  • Brintellix is quite expensive as compared to some other similar treatments.

Possible Side effects

The most common side effects reported by users are having a nauseating feeling and sexual complaints. However, these two side effects are the most common side effects of any antidepressant medication. These side effects are not too severe and range from a mild to a normal intensity.

Less Common Brintellix Side Effects are;

Side effects which are not too common may be experienced in some patients depending on their unique body response towards the medication;

1. Dizziness
2. Dry mouth
3. Gas in the stomach
4. A decrease in bowel movement
5. Itching
6. Nausea

The rare side effects of Brintellix can be caused probably by something in your diet or your body type. But have been reported in extremely infrequent cases. Therefore chances are slim that you would experience these symptoms, however, you should take note of the possibility, these are divided on the severity experienced;

1. Extreme cheerfulness and spurt in activity
2. Hives on the body
3. Suicidal thoughts
4. Risk of bleeding is increased
5. Sodium quantities in the body are reduced Mild
6. Serotonin Syndrome
7. Abnormal dreams
8. Having indigestion
9. Mania which is mild
10. Feeling constant spinning
11. Tongue problems (taste)
12. Redness which is temporary of the face and neck

Precautionary Warnings

Brintellix should not be taken with other medications without the consent of your physician. Especially the ones listed below, which are listed in order of the severity of the reaction with Brintellix;

1. Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
2. SNRIS/Selected MAOIS
3. Linezolid
4. Serotoninergic agents/dexfenfluramine
5. Fenfluramine

The following also should not be mixed with Brintellix as they can cause very injurious effects;

2.Vortioxetine/2D6 inhibitors
5.Selected anticoagulants

These medications listed below may cause risk to the body when taken with Brintellix;

1.  NSAIDS/aspirin
2. Antiplatelets
3. Thrombolytics
4. Clopidogrel
5. Fentanyl
6. Tapentadol
7. Tramadol
8. 5HT-1D agonists

It is advised that relatives and friends of those who are taking Brintellix monitor the patients because the treatment is new and therefore its effect on the patient are not completely known.

Moreover, reaction to the treatment may vary from person to person.

It is highly recommended that before taking Brintellix you must inform your physician if your physician if you are taking any other treatments.

Do not take alcohol with this supplement.

Customer Reviews

Most Brintellix reviews indicate that users experienced nausea that could be kept under control. However, in some cases, nausea subsided after a while, especially if the time of taking the dosage was changed. Some users, on the other hand, experienced alarming reactions and side effects from its use more; they also didn’t see any positive or effective results. In fact, a few reported increased depression after taking Brintellix.

My Personal Review on Brintellix

Brintellix is a new treatment for Major Depressive Disorder; therefore it still has a long way to go in establishing itself as the perfect solution to the problem. Brintellix reviews indicate that its users have experienced both positive and negative results. It is however, best to consult your physician before taking Brintellix and if your side effects become too severe then you must revisit your physician without any delay.