There is no doubt that every food intake and every meal selection has a direct impact on the way you look, the strength of your nails, luster of your hair, as well as your vulnerability to early signs of skin aging. As a matter of fact, it can even lead to a sexier body. However, is proper selection of food intake enough in order to make sure that you achieve the body that you have been longing for?

Studies have revealed that a certain type of beneficial bacteria, often known as probiotics, can help you obtain an even sexier figure. At a certain experiment, this type of bacteria was fed to laboratory mice. It has been observed that the group did not just have a shiny and healthy looking for; they also got the “swagger”!

Can Eating Probiotics Give You “Swagger”?

Researchers who wrote for the journal Scientific American have observed that the said group of mice fed with probiotic-rich yogurt came up with a certain level of ‘swag’. Mainly, this was caused by the male mice protruding their testes outward. According to the said article, the mice fed with yogurt were actually heavier by 5% compared to the other group of mice which have been fed with their standard diet. At the same time, they are also heavier by 15% compared to the group of mice fed with junk food diet.

Aside from this profound effect, the male mice fed with yogurt were also able to inseminate their partners even faster, and of course, were able to produce more offspring. On the other hand, the female counterparts also benefited from giving birth to bigger litters and were actually able to raise them quite successfully. As mentioned, it also has a visible impact on the fur of the mice, causing it to become silkier and shinier. As a matter of fact, the active follicle density is more compared to the other group. The researchers even noted that “the probiotic microbes in the yogurt help to make the animals leaner and healthier, which indirectly improves sexual machismo.”

As of this point, researchers from Harvard are also doing their own investigation on the effects of probiotics filled yogurt consumption on the quality of semen amongst men. So far, the results have been in harmony to the results of the study on the mice.

Your Gut Bacteria Impact Your Weight, Too

Aside from a sexier figure, weight loss is also something that these beneficial bacteria provide. If you are in a struggle to lose some weight, it is very important to focus on restoring your gut bacteria. The reason behind this is that the actual nature of the gut bacteria may differ from people who are lean compared to people who are obese. Firmicutes, on the other hand, helps your body to absorb calories from sugar, then depositing them in fat. Microflora, as shown in the effect in the study on the mice, plays a vital role in weight loss management.

Why It’s Imperative For Women Of Reproductive Age To Consume Probiotics

Probiotic-rich diet nourishes your gut flora and actually helps you lose weight, thus appearing sexier than ever. Aside from this obvious output, it also impacts your future children. How so? Women in their reproductive age are often lacking in beneficial bacteria. This deficiency may be transferred to the babies, bringing along a number of problems upon birth. There should be a good foundation on a woman’s gut flora during early pregnancy. This is the phase where the immune system of the baby is developing.

Is Yogurt A Good Source Of Probiotics?

Reality dictates that not all yogurts are a good source of probiotics. This is because commercial yogurts are often pasteurized. On the other hand, fermented yogurt that is made from organic raw milk can assist your body’s beneficial bacteria to ‘reseed’, thus proving to be a good source of probiotics. Regular intake of probiotic-rich yogurt works in a two-fold way. First, it stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria. Second, they perform the magic on your body, revealing a sexier you!

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