Erectile dysfunction and male performance problems can be indications of heart disease, or that some males are at greater risk for heart attacks and strokes. This concept is not new, but until recently was speculative and without proof clinically. This is changing due to more updated research studies. So the following is some newer information that demonstrates the links between heart disease and male erectile dysfunction, as they are understood today.

Keeping up with the most current information on heart disease, ensures that men can avoid complications with their personal health. It also allows for males to watch for warning signs of other conditions, if they should manifest and need further examination.

A Possible Warning of Other Health Conditions

Recent research into erectile dysfunction has been linked to several other health conditions including periodontal problems, restless legs syndrome and heart disease. Although these particular studies are still being further examined, the connection between heart disease and erectile dysfunction (or ED) isn’t something worth ignoring.

Facts show that males experiencing levels of erectile dysfunction are at 25% greater risk for heart attacks, strokes and heart disease statistically. So clearly, erectile dysfunction is as accurate a predictor for heart disease risks, than things like cigarette smoking, family predispositions to heart problems, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. The more severe cases of ED in males, also indicate a much greater risk of heart disease or events related to cardiovascular problems.

Overall this connection makes sense, since the health of the cardiovascular system and all functional workings of your penis are intimately correlated. There are complex processes that allow for males to achieve an erection normally, but if these are not functioning correctly many other part of the body are being impacted. Interruption of vascular system and the blood vessels, can be directly related to ED and indicates a reduced flow of blood through the entire body.

Erectile Dysfunction and the Heart Disease Connection

The arteries within the penis and heart have endothermic linings. If the endothelium fails to respond to the nitric oxide being released during the involuntary process of blood flowing, then organs throughout the body will be impacted.

This can lead to a variety of systemic problems, such as atherosclerosis, lower blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Because the penis requires a large amount of blood flow to function properly, it often shows signs related to heart disease, before other organs in the vascular system. Also because the penis has small blood vessels like those that transport blood to the brain, this similarity is another reasoning for ED being a precursor to the oncoming signs of heart disease.

Is ED Normal in Males My Age?

The harsh reality is that ED is very common, and becomes even more common in older males. This doesn’t mean that all erectile dysfunction is related to the aging process. Listening to what your physical body tells you can save your life, this includes problems with blood flow to the penis.

Catching health problems before they manifest dramatically allows the individual to take control of their lifestyle choices. Getting control of heart problems in the early stages, can make all the difference in your personal health. This is especially true with the manifestation of heart disease, because ignoring leaves your heart at greater risk.

In Conclusion

Although ED can be a warning sign that you are at risk for heart attacks, it doesn’t indicate that it is time to panic. Just be glad for the warning, because it gives most males time to start living a healthier lifestyle and live a much longer life. Knowing what to do about heart disease is half the battle, the other half is simply doing it.

Erectile dysfunction can be a blessing in disguise. The key to staying healthy is being aware of your body. For most men, the normal effects of aging won’t have dramatic impact on their sex life. All erectile dysfunction can be treated naturally, but it can be used to pinpoint other health issues and prevent heart disease from manifesting without warning. Men can take time to listen to their bodies, then make realistic choices and lifestyle changes that will help avoid heart disease, as they grow older.

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