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Every man dreams of having a satisfying sex life. But when sexual disorders set in, such as premature ejaculation, it is easy to dampen their spirits. Premature ejaculation or having an orgasm too quickly before or soon after he penetrates is a common problem that affects many of the male population. It can be frustrating and awkward, while their women counterparts may feel inadequate and unappealing. The condition can get worse and the relationship may suffer if it is left untreated. Understanding the causes of premature ejaculation is an important and necessary step in order to begin an effective healing process.

Premature Ejaculation causes

It is believed that there are two common causes of premature ejaculation – physical and psychological. The physical causes refer to the biological make-up and dynamics of the body that lead to having an orgasm quickly. The psychological causes refer to the dynamics within a man’s brain that sends a message to the penile region to climax quickly.

The Physical Causes

Physical causes include a hormonal and chemical imbalance in the body. These hormones and chemicals make the male sex organ overly sensitive to stimulation and make controlling the orgasms even more difficult to handle. It can also be associated with certain medical conditions such as thyroid disorders, problems with the urethra or as a side-effect of medical procedures involving the penis.

The Psychological Causes

The psychological causes are believed to be more complex and dynamic. It involves the workings of the brain and emotional well-being of a person. The psychological causes can be marked by performance anxiety wherein a man is too anxious to give a satisfying sexual experience that all his thoughts during the intercourse are consumed with anxiety. Men who are having sex for the first time tend to ejaculate early, but they can learn to control their orgasm as they mature sexually.

Men who suffer from anxiety in other areas of their lives may also ejaculate too early. Thinking about other problems such as work, relationships, finances and family may make him focus on these matters more than concentrate on the erotic pleasure he has with his partner. Another area that one needs to look at is erectile dysfunction. Men who are impotent are too consumed and focused on creating an erection that when they finally do, they tend to ejaculate quickly. This can form a vicious cycle and it is not healthy for the sex life at all.

My Final Conclusion 

Determining the causes of premature ejaculation can help men achieve a happier sex life. Knowing the root causes of ejaculation problems will make it easier to determine the treatment option that will best apply and is most effective for every man’s unique needs. When these causes are addressed, there is a greater possibility to enjoy more

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