Celadrin Review

Magenetix is the company behind the Celadrin joint supplement. Its formula is said to be entirely consistent of Cetylated fatty acids. There is an official product website which lists the formula as being in the form of a cream and soft gel tabs. The price for the 60 soft gels is $19.95 and the cream is currently unavailable with no price listing. There are other products on the Celadrin website and all orders ship free. The website is professional and easy to navigate, plus it contains an FAQ section, links to studies, customer testimonials, full contact details and other helpful information.Celadrin Joint Formula oral

Celadrin Ingredients

Celadrin ingredients are listed as being a complex and specialized patented blend of Cetylated fatty acid carbons. If this supplement contains other ingredients they have not been provided.

Does Celadrin Really Work?

There’s a possibility it might not work as well as claimed. Only 1 active ingredient could be found in Celadrin, that’s Cetylated Fatty Acid. Some compounds within the fatty acid might turn out to be helpful, but Cetyl Myristoleate holds the most important due to scientific testing involving arthritis resistant mice. The entire makeup of the mixture of Cetylated fatty acid was not fully laid out so there are difficulties in comparing the CMO content to similar supplements. Also, the overall product Celadrin includes just one out of 9 beneficial ingredients said to improve arthritis.

Is Celadrin Safe?

The Cetyl Myristoleate ingredient has been studied numerous times for safety and efficiency. The supplement is safe to use having no known side effects reported. A doctor’s recommendation is still suggested before use.

Grade D:

A D has been given for Celadrin, although it appears to be a useful product on its official website and does have a few customer testimonials the one active ingredient makes it not believable that this product could have much effect as a joint supplement. We’d recommend trying other well-known brands, and the website also lists this brand as possibly taking up to 30 days of use to see full results. No money back guarantee was available.