Some people are born with plump pout and their lips look fuller, luscious which enhance their facial appearance. But some people have very thin lips which they feel unattractive. To plump their pucker they undergo treatments such as cosmetic surgery. This kind of surgery make your lips appear sexy and appealing. But this is not a safe way and lip plumper is the product through which you can plump up your lips naturally.

City Lips? What’s that?

City Lips claims to give you healthier and younger looking lips in just 10 minutes. With the help of this lip plumper you can get soft and smooth kissable lips. This product is tested on some women in whom they got fuller lips after 10 minutes on its application. They used it for 30 days daily and it give long term results if you use it daily up to this duration. One bottle of City lips costs $35.00 and there is free shipping on every order. It offers 60 days money back guarantee for unsatisfied users. When you apply it you get a tingling sensation. It also claims to reduce wrinkles and painlessly stimulate collagen production.

Key ingredients

City Lips is made up of ingredients that are natural and provide moisture to the lips.

Following are the ingredients used in it:

  • Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid gives natural moisturizing effect to your lips. It is a natural moisturizing compound that is found in the skin. It also helps in the maintenance of collagen.
  • Oligopeptides: Peptides consist of small-chain of poly-peptides that helps to increase elastin and collagen in the skin. It activates the cellular repair mode by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.
  • Celadrin: It is an important ingredient that stimulates the renewal of cells and reduces the breakdown of newly produced collagen. It gives you fuller and more beautiful lips.

Suggested use

With the help of City Lips you can improve your lips without surgery. You can apply it twice in a day. It is best if you use at night. Your lips will become smooth and fine lines on them become less. It should be used daily for getting long term results. You can notice the desired result in just a few weeks.

Why It Is the Most Effective Lip Plumper?

City Lips contain unique ingredients and the manufacturer claims that you cannot find them in any other lip treatment. It is a safe and painless technique that encourages the formation of collagen naturally. It aims at boosting your pout in a natural and effective way unlike other lip plumper. Celadrin prevent newly formed collagen from getting damaged, it dramatically make your lips fuller in a few minutes. It’s another essential ingredient hyaluronic acid has the capacity to reduce wrinkles and moisturize your lips to keep them smooth. If it is used properly as directed long term result can be achieved.

Side effects

There are no possible side effects associated with this product but it is very sticky and many users don’t like its sticky texture. You feel a tingling sensation when you apply it on your lips. Some users get irritated because of this. In spite that it has no dangerous side effects many users don’t find worth using it because it is overpriced.


  • It does not contain cinnamon so it does not irritate your lips.
  • The ingredients are natural like hyaluronic acid.
  • It also reduces wrinkles and reduces fine lines from your lips.
  • It increases the production of collagen and plumps your pucker for giving you sultry lips.

Is it worth buying the product?

It is overpriced and many users don’t find it profitable to use. If you are not comfortable with its large price tag you can search for other lip plumping products.

City lips lip plumper claims to be unique because of its special formula that contains effective ingredients that are uncommon and don’t used in other lip plumping products. But one thing that can drive away the users is its large price tag. City lips gives temporary results and you can feel your lips plumped till the effect lasts. Although it is claimed to give long lasting results after using it for 30 days but still cannot trust on it completely.

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