What is Cosamin?

The joint supplement Cosamin DS is claimed to be the #1 Orthopedic recommended brand in this category. Nutramax Labs is the manufacturing company behind this product and it’s very popular online as well as offline. The official company websites list other products along with Cosamin DS and present everything in a professional manner. The site is easy to navigate, contains lots of product information and other helpful information including company contact details, product brochures, online and offline retailers of the product and so much more! It does not list an actual price for the purchase of Cosamin DS but we’re guessing the various retailers have set their own prices which makes it easier to find great deals when purchasing. The formula is also available in faster acting and maximum strength capsules or tablets. Customer testimoncosamin ds reviewials are also available for each on-site product being offered. This review is for the extra strength formula of Cosamin. Cosamin DS has also been NSF tested and certified.

What Ingredients are in Cosamin?

Ingredients in Cosamin DS are enzymes for degrading cartilage, Glucosamine Hydrochloride which stimulates the production of cartilage and Chondroitin Sulfate that inhibits cartilage break down. Chondroitin Sulfate has also been clinically proven to slow cartilage deterioration progression and offer the reduction for joint pain. Hyaluronic acid is also an ingredient.

Does Cosamin DS Work?

Yes, Cosamin DS does work because it contains beneficial ingredients proven to maintain ultimate joint health but unfortunately, none of the ingredients are greatly beneficial towards reducing or even addressing inflammation. It also doesn’t contain the compound CMO which is commonly found in arthritis resistant mice. Boron is another beneficial ingredient which is missing, plus it helps to decrease chances for Osteoarthritis development.

Is Cosamin DS Safe?

Titanium Dye is added to the Cosamin DS joint supplement which could be dangerous to one’s health and most users should avoid this especially when taking medications. A doctor’s consultation before use is advised.

Grade B:
Grade B has been given for Cosamin DS which does just about everything right as far as product information, marketing and testimonials. The inclusion of titanium dye which could be dangerous for most people’s health is where this product goes slightly wrong, it’s overall it’s recommended but should be used with much caution. There are also other brands of Cosamin available as mentioned above, and they’ve all been rated wonderfully for use. A money back guarantee was not mentioned but may be found elsewhere in online and local stores carrying the brand.