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Cyvita is a popular male enhancement supplement that basically helps improve sexual performance for men. The product’s website is a good indication that this is a good product from a good company since it is professional and contains detailed information. Let’s take this popular male enhancement product under scrutiny to determine if it really works or it is just another online scam.

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Product DetailsCyvita Male Enhancement

According to the website of Cyvita, the product works on a cellular level in supporting male sexuality. It basically works by increasing blood flow just like other similar products and oral drugs for erectile dysfunction. The product also claims to help in the repair process of muscle tissue and cleansing of toxins from the body while at the same time improving circulation.

There are two main ingredients namely Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine. The formulation also includes vitamin C, zinc and epimedium sagittatum. The key ingredients are supposed to work in increasing nitric oxide levels to improve blood flow. They also work as a PDE-5 inhibitor just like sex medication like Viagra.

Product Features

The best feature of Cyvita is the money-back guarantee allowing anyone to try the product. However, you have to read the rules of the guarantee in order to ensure that you will get your money back in case you’re not satisfied with the product. Another attractive feature is the low price, especially when compared to similar products being sold on the market.

Product Evaluation

The main problem with this product is that there isn’t enough information about the clinical study mentioned on their website. Also, the website states that “by ordering the product directly, the buyer is agreeing to binding arbitration of any dispute and waiving the right to a court trial, including a trial by jury, or to participate in a class action”. This is an obvious a sign that the product doesn’t really work.

Also, there is a lot of negative feedback from customers who have tried the product. Just perform an online search and you will come across many unsatisfied customers. Also, the fact that they offer a trial for a certain price is completely ridiculous. Other similar products offer free trials in order to attract more customers. Another disadvantage of the product is that you have to take 2 to 6 tablets a day which can be difficult for some people.

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Free Trial for Cyvita

It seems that only way you can purchase Cyvita is by their trial program which is free and involves an option. What this means is you have only 12 days to try and check the product after the first day from its shipping, and at the end period, you will start billing $59.40 every 30 days and will ship a new one-month product supply.

This product comes with guaranteed for 30 days, so if you use and try it for a couple of days and find out it is not good for you, then simply send it back and ask for a full refund, and minus the shipping costs. The free trial of Cyvita is of $19.99, and you will be basically sent a 2 week supply including free shipping. People can also order Cyvita by calling the phone numbers listed at the website or by browsing to the


Cyvita is just another male enhancement product being sold online and on television. A number of negative feedback indicates that it doesn’t work for many people. There are many other options when it comes to male enhancement or improving your sexual performance. A little research on your part will help you find the right product for your particular situation and needs.

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  1. Rick Mann April 9, 2017 at 5:24 am - Reply

    There are no clinical trials of cyvita and it is essentially useless. The product is hyped in infomercials by a sleazy guy who looks like he could use a whole bottle! The product preys on those men who worry about their declining libido, which is a natural function of aging. Like all supplements and vitamins, there is essentially no regulation or required clinical trials. It is likely priced so high as to suggest it is effective; save your money!

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