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Dapovar Reviews – What is in it and Will it Work?

Dapovar is allegedly a duration performance enhancer formulated specifically to relieve anxiety and depression, boost confidence, and enhance sexual endurance.

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The male enhancement supplement industry isn’t lacking in similar supplements, so I took a closer looked at the ingredients to see what benefits Dapovar brings to the table.

What Do Users Say?

Dapovar results vary between users. Some men are satisfied with its benefits while others complain it had no effect. User reviews are limited to two sites: and

Dapovar received a community rating of 2.3 out of 5 stars on and 4.4 out of 5 stars on The disparity in regard to the rating on both websites is confusing.

On, Charles says his experience with Dapovar wasn’t what he expected. He hasn’t seen any results and has been taking Dapovar for over 6 weeks.Dapovar Male sex enhancer

Another review, Dapovar User, echoes his results, “I have been using it for 7+ weeks now and I have not seen any benefits it claims in 6 weeks.” He questions whether he should continue using Dapovar or not.

However, Hour Man, a reviewer on says, “The product really really works. It can double or triple the length of time it takes for my first orgasm… I have had some of the best sex of my life with this stuff.”

Another reviewer, Old Man, says, “This stuff works. Been taking for 2 mos. lasting 10-15 min longer. Feeling is sensational.”

What Are the Ingredients?

Dapovar features several ingredients studied for ability to combat anxiety and prolong sexual endurance by inhibiting ejaculation. The manufacturer doesn’t provide ingredient doses.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is involved in serotonin synthesis [1] and deficiencies in this vitamin may cause irritability and depression. Recommended daily amounts for adults range from 1.3 – 1.7 mg. [2]

Kava is a plant native to the South Pacific and is used to calm anxiety, stress, and restlessness. Kava extracts standardized to 70% kava-lactones lower anxiety and “might work as well as prescription anti-anxiety medications called low-dose benzodiazepines.” One medical website says optimal kava doses are unknown due to insufficient studies. [3]

Passion Flower
Passion flower is used to treat anxiety. A study shows 45 drops passionflower was effective in managing generalized anxiety disorder in 36 outpatients over a 4-week trial. [4]

Folic Acid
Low folic acid levels in men are shown to result in higher rates of chromosomal sperm abnormalities according to a UC Berkeley analysis. Suzanne Young, a researcher at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, says, “These abnormalities would cause either miscarriages or children with genetic syndromes if the sperm fertilized an egg.” [5]

Typical doses for avoiding folic acid deficiency range from 250-1000 mcg per day. [6]

Griffonia Seed Extract
Griffonia Simplicifolia is a West African shrub known to contain large amounts of 5-HTP –a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. [7]

Serotonin is studied for its effects on male sexual performance.

Enhancing sensory stimuli and altering synthesis and release-receptors in neurotransmitters may influence male sexual behavior. Researchers reveal Serotonin 5-HT (2C) receptor is inhibitory in that, when stimulated, it inhibits ejaculation and increases erections. [8]

Researchers reveal utilizing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) “have revolutionized our understanding of the treatment of premature ejaculation.” [9]

Where Can You Purchase Dapovar?

The official website,, is unavailable because it is undergoing maintenance indefinitely. This makes it hard for users to purchase Dapovar because many third party sites link back to the official web page.

However, sells it for $39.95 per bottle. One bottle provides approximately 1 month’s use.

How To Use Dapovar

Many users take 2 capsules at a time. Some third party sites indicate it may take several weeks before users experience any benefits.

Side Effects

Third party websites did not mention any side effects associated with Dapovar.

But, researchers say high amounts of kava ingested for long periods of time may result in liver damage and, in some cases, even death. [3]

More About the Manufacturer

Information about the manufacturer is difficult to find. reveals Zaanstad-Noordwijk Nutraceutical Research, Inc., to be the manufacturer. This company is located in the Netherlands and is considered a “developer and provider of high quality botanical sourced products for human health and well-being.”

Final Thoughts

Dapovar’s anti-stress and anxiety ingredients mixed with a serotonin-booster are promising. But, the unlisted ingredient amounts put users at a disadvantage. It is unsure whether the company formulated ingredients according to clinically-studied amounts.

Dapovar is affordable and is shown to promote sexual endurance in some users. If you are interested, I recommend waiting for more user reviews to become available and for the official website to become functional to see if the company offers cheaper prices or multiple bottle deals.


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