Delayed ejaculation is a medical condition that can afflict a man at any age. It can be caused by either physical or psychological causes. This sexual disorder for men can be caused by other things too. It is a medical condition where a man can have real trouble ejaculating. What is ejaculation in a man? It is no other than the release of semen from the penis itself. When a man has delayed ejaculation. He cannot ejaculate during the act of sexual intercourse or by manual stimulation of the penis from his sexual partner.

What Is Delayed Ejaculation or DE?

Delayed ejaculation is also called by some other names. Some of these other names do include inhibited ejaculation or retarded ejaculation. It is a man’s inability or difficulty in achieving orgasm properly. This is a condition that still persists even despite sexual desire and sexual stimulation. In a lot of cases, men can come to climax, and then ejaculate only by using masturbation. However, it is the least common of all sexual dysfunctions for men, and can result from a wide variety of causes. Sometimes, delayed ejaculation is from side effects of medications.

What Causes DE?

There are lots of things that can cause a man to have delayed ejaculation. Sometimes, as was previously stated, it can be the effect from side effects of medications that are prescribed or taken regularly. Some of the other causes of retarded ejaculation can be due to numerous things. These numerous things can be anything from physiological conditions to psychological and lifestyle factors. Some physiological conditions can be thyroid disorders, pituitary disorders, Cushing’s disease, to drug and alcohol use. Some psychological and lifestyle factors can be about anxiety linked to pleasing partner, anxiety linked to relationship troubles, lack of sleep, to name a few.

What Are the Symptoms of DE?

Men who have delayed ejaculation do require about a half hour or more of sexual stimulation, in order to climax, and then be able to orgasm properly. So, with this said, sometimes the only way to get a normal ejaculation to happen is with oral or manual stimulation of the penis itself. A man who has delayed ejaculation cannot ejaculate during sexual intercourse. He also is not able to ejaculate at all, in some cases, depending on how severe the condition is in itself.

How Is Delayed Ejaculation Diagnosed?

This type of ejaculation is diagnosed by using two things. These two things are no other than the man’s particular medical history and having a physical examination done by a qualified doctor. During a physical examination, a doctor does a close and careful look, which does include viewing the penis and testicles properly. The doctor will apply a light touch to make sure that the male patient does have physical sensation in his genitals. A blood test may also be issued. A blood test is also done to make sure that the DE isn’t due to health concerns. The blood is tested for the presence of any diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone levels, or other health problems.

Treatment Options For DE:

Before a doctor can issue a specific treatment for DE. He first needs to determine some things. What are these things? He needs to find out if the DE is tied to an underlying medical condition, a psychological one, or some other reason that is yet to be revealed or is unknown. Once he has determined what is what, then he will go about picking the right treatment plan for said patient. Treatment options for DE can vary greatly and they do depend on what the cause of the DE is overall. Some treatment options may include the issuance of a medication or medications. It may also involve getting some form of psychological counseling, which is better known as psychotherapy, but only the doctor can decide on what the best treatment option is for the patient.


Delayed ejaculation is also referred to, as being retarded ejaculation, and it is one of the most misunderstood of all male sexual problems. However, it can be treated, and men can actually go on to experience much better ejaculation during sex and manual stimulation by a partner. It just is a problem that does require lots of patience and understanding in delivery. So, with this said, it can be treated and gradually improved overall.

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