Chronic depression can have a huge impact on one’s sex life. This is because sex does involve great mood and excitement. When a person is depressed, nine times out of ten, he or she cannot be happy while making love with their partner. They are so consumed by feelings of sadness, low confidence, and dislike of themselves that they feel they would fall short in the bedroom. This is turn can create low sex drive and a desire not to want sex at all. So, with this said, depression can affect your sex life if you allow it to overall.

Sexual Relations do Get Challenged by Depression

Sexual relations between two people are definitely something that does suffer, if one of the parties does indeed develop depression. This is because when depression takes place. The person who is afflicted with the depression will experience a great reduction in the things that did once bring them place. An interest in sex can be categorized as being one of these things. When there is a visible lack of interest and desire to sex that is evident. The other partner in the relationship will become affected, as well, in addition. This is because he or she will no longer be getting the sex they are accustomed to, and the shared closeness of intimacy, will also be something that is very limited.

Loss of Libido is not Uncommon with Depression

A loss of libido is something that can happen to anyone who has been diagnosed as having depression. This is because depression affects sexual health in a number of different ways. Some people not only experience lack of desire and interest where sex is concerned. They also can actually physically lose their drive and zest for sex, as well, in addition. So, with this said, depression can upset the whole apple cart when it comes to having sex in general.

Loss of Libido in Men Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

Depression is the very thing that can spark other issues for people. One of these things is a loss of libido. When a loss of libido occurs in a man due to depression, it can end up affecting a man in other ways. One of these other ways is for him to get erectile dysfunction or ED as it is called for short. ED is a sexual dysfunction and it is linked very closely to loss of libido, relationship conflicts and then leads to depression.

Serious Depression and Sexual Abuse or Violence

Depression is caused by many various sources. One source that can bring depression on for sexual life is no other than those that have been sexually abused or assaulted in a violent sexual way. This will usually be something to haunt them their entire life unless they do get some form of treatment for it. Any emotional, physical, or sexual abuse as a child is something that does lead to adult depression. Many people can go on for years and have this form of depression without knowing it. It usually takes something to happen to them to trigger it off, and when it does, its repercussions can be felt very strongly. There are different types of sexual abuse, abuse, and or violence that can happen to children. So, with this said, the onset adult depression is the result of sexual abuse and other forms of abuse.

Depressed People and Their Risky Sexual Behavior

Having depression is never an easy thing. It is something that can truly pose many dangers to a person who is afflicted with it. One of these dangers is no other than risky sexual behavior. Wanting to engage in unsafe sex is just as bad excessive drinking, drug abuse, and wanting to cut yourself. All of these behaviors are what is defined as being self-injurious in nature. People who engage in unsafe sex don’t seem to care that they can not only catch STDs, but they can also contract HIV/AIDS, which is something that no in their right mind would want. It is an open death sentence with no escape. So, for people who do engage in risky sexual behavior, they obviously do have a problem and that problem is depression that is motivating them to do bad things to themselves.

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