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There is no Refuge from Depression

There’s no escaping life … unless you decide to renounce most of the basic essentials we take for granted and move into a cave. (A small number of people- mostly monks – prefer to live that way.) Otherwise, the only sanctuary available to us is that of our own human …

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Is Cracking Down on Pill Mills Really the Solution

Yesterdays’s headline in the Sun Sentinel was sobering: eleven pill mills were raided and several doctors were arrested. No one denies that drug abuse is a serious problem: every day in Florida alone, eleven people die of prescription pill overdoses. News stories are filled with interviews of grieving mothers who …

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Depression is not Cured by Masking Symptoms

treatment of depression

Probably the biggest myth, or even downright fallacy, in medicine today is that depression can be healed merely by means of medication. Granted, there are definite chemical changes that occur in the brain in conjunction with depression. However, these are being viewed solely as the cause, rather than as a …

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Fighting Depression by Fighting HIV stigma

Depression can be a major player in any HIVer’s life, whether s/he is newly diagnosed or a long-term survivor. It’s a daunting task to manage one’s life after receiving an HIV diagnosis. There are regular blood draws, all the pills to take, not to mention possible side effects from the …

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Childhood Depression What Every Parent Should Know

Most parents do not realize this, but children can get depression. Studies have shown that 1 out of 33 young children and 1 out of 8 teens have serious depression. In some cases, children do not get help unless a parent actually notices something is wrong. Symptoms of childhood depression …

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Depression Test for Teens

Gone are those days when depression, anxiety and stress had been a part of life for elders. Now, if we see around, even kids are bogged down with pressure. Pressure of studies, pressure of school, teachers and parents. So, the word stress becomes a part for even a 10 years …

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Depression – How do we start to solve it

Hello Everyone. Today I wanna take a moment and talk to you about a very serious problem that is usually covered up without being truly addressed. The problem is depression. Its an issue that plenty of people have. I want to take a moment to take a look at the …

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