Dry skin can pose a big trouble amongst many people. This is the result of variety of factors like the environmental damage, climatic changes, genetics and premature aging. The effect of using product containing harsh ingredients also causes the skin to dry.

Although makeup is essential part in life of women; it can affect the texture of skin. You need to be more conscious while choosing a product to make sure that it contains moisturizing properties. While using the compact or foundation ensure they do not rip of the natural moisture from your skin.

You can use the olive oil as a moisturizer to make your skin smooth. This also prevents it from drying and reduces the risk of flaking.

Expensive cosmetic brands do not always gel well with the dry skin. Freckles, sun tan, age spots, dark spots, acne and zits are some of the skin issues common amongst the youngsters. These skin issues require treatment that will give you fair and flawless skin.

Dry skin needs more care when you opt to treat the freckles and dark spots. Using a product blindly without performing patch test can make your skin more tired, dull and aged. The flakes on the skin affect the face. It affects the cells on surface of skin which then appears as flakes.

Right makeup tips are required to make you skin glowing and look more youthful.

Take a look at some of the effective makeup tips for dry skin.

1. One of the important tips to treat the dry skin problem includes using the coconut oil. This has anti-oxidizing property which retains moisture level of skin. This prevents it from drying. You need to massage warm oil on your face for 10 minutes; this will lubricate your skin and prevent it from drying in the winter season.

2. Exfoliation is one of other method to retain healthy skin. This helps in removing the dead skin cells and also treats the clogged pores. This clears your skin and makes it more radiant. You should apply a good water based moisturizer to prevent your skin become greasier. You can use it just after the bath.

3. If your skin is irregular then you can dab in a little foundation all over your face. Make your palms wet with a drop of moisturizer and spread the foundation. Use a compact to complete your makeup.

4. If still you can find the remnants of skin then use a moisturizer on that area. Rub it until the skin absorbs all the ingredients. It is better to avoid use of blush and shimmer on dry skin. Using a natural lip gloss and eye liner would complete your makeup on occasion of casual look.

5. Flaky skin is more evident on the forehead, near your eyebrows and eyes. Apply more creams to these regions; it will moisturize your skin naturally. Using a creamy eye shadow and blush would be better to complete your party look.

6. Wash your face; this helps to clean your skin irrespective of their type. Women have dry or oily skin should wash their face before applying as well as after removal of makeup. This removes the dirt present on the skin surface and let your skin cells breathe. It prevents the damages caused by harsh chemicals present in the cosmetic products that you used for makeup.

7. Cleansing is essential process you require to follow for removing the dirt and excess oil from face. Use milk for cleaning; this removes the dead skin cells. It also moisturizes your skin naturally. Wash your face with cold water and gently pat it dry. Leave your skin for some time before you apply makeup.

8. Foundation application helps to conceal the marks and spots on skin. People with dry skin should avoid using the powdered foundation. This can worsen the texture and make them more tired. It settles on the wrinkles and accentuates your appearance. You should use the liquid foundation to ensure complete hydration of your skin.

9. Use only those products which actually work well for you. You should take care to prevent the skin from drying. Use a moisturizing foundation while applying it on your face to retain its smoothness.

10. Creamy blush will be more helpful to retain healthy skin than using gel before applying makeup. Use lighter strokes of blush on your cheeks. Avoid overdoing your makeup; avoid using powder and compact. It could make your skin flakier and dry it up.

Ensure to remove all your makeup before you sleep at night. Using a soothing night cream will also help to retain smoothness of skin during winter. Night cream helps to repair the skin and retain the water balance in the skin. There are certain skin brighteners which work well with the dry skin. You can read the natural skin brightener reviews to know more about their features.