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Men have taken those blue pills to increase libido and enhance the sexual experience. However, are these safe?

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The chemicals contained in these pharmaceutical products can be too potent. In fact, doctors don’t recommend these to just anyone. So, why expose yourself to danger when you can also turn to organic medicine for help? The official website of Erectzan tells you that their supplement isn’t just effective, it’s a safer alternative to prescription drugs.

What is Erectzan ?

The site further states that the product has been trusted by millions of men worldwide. So, what benefits can you expect? Here are some of the improvements you can expect:

1. Bigger, harder, longer, thicker, and stronger erections
2. Better orgasms
3. Enhanced drive and stamina
4. Delayed ejaculations
5. Better sexual experiences and orgasms

How Does Erectzan Work?

The formula found in the product allows the arteries found in the penis to relax. When you’re aroused, blood courses through your veins more efficiently, which is why you see an increase in size. And for an erection to be successful, there has to be nitric oxide present in your system. This is what Erectzan is extremely powerful. The herbs found in each pill makes all the needed processes possible so that you’ll have the libido and appetite of someone in his sexual prime.

Ingredients Used in Erectzan & Their FunctionalityErectzan review

Each pill contains the following key ingredients:

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1. L-Arginine – an amino acid that increases nitric oxide
2. Epimedium – treats impotence and boosts libido
3. Korean Red Ginseng – enhances physical and mental performance
4. Schizandra Berry – increases desire and energy
5. Oyster Extract – known aphrodisiac and improves sexual health
6. Catuaba Bark – known aphrodisiac
7. Cinnamon – known antioxidant and preservative
8. Cistanche Bark – induces relaxation to prevent early ejaculation
9. Muira Puama – traditionally used aphrodisiac
10. Tribulus Terrestris – increases testosterone levels
11. Gingko Biloba – increases blood flow to the genitals
12. Avena Sativa – strengthens mind, body, and spirit
13. Cnidium – increases potency and treats impotence
14. Tongkat Ali – stops the chain reaction of free radicals
15. Maca Root – enhances libido and performance
16. Indian Ginseng – minimizes the negative effects of stress
17. Niacin – relaxes arteries and veins
18. Cranberry Extract – treats infections
19. Swedish flower – provides precursors to sex hormones
20. L-Lysine – increases semen quality and volume
21. L-Carnitine – improves sperm quality
22. Zinc – essential in testosterone production and increases sperm count
23. Pine Bark Extract – increases nitric oxide production
24. Bioperine – aids in absorption of key ingredients

Take 2 tabs once a day and enjoy the results.

Does Erectzan Give You a Long Lasting Erection?

The product provides your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs so that you can enjoy sex the way you did during your sexual prime. With healthy testosterone levels, you’re bound to experience lasting results.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Erectzanerectzan ingredients

You need to look at both the pros and cons so that you’ll know what to expect.

1. List of ingredients is provided
2. Yohimbe free
3. Discreet shipping
4. Manufactured in a US lab

1. Marketed through an affiliate, which makes returns complicated
2. Expensive

Who Needs to Take Erectzan?

I want to enhance your sexual experience and improve your performance in bed, then you definitely can consider the product. Just make sure that you’ve over 18 years old and in perfect health.

Is Erectzan Safe to Use?

It’s always best to check with your physician first to make sure your body reacts to it well. Discuss the ingredients used and see to it you know what the components are for.


Unlike some brands, Erectzan does come with a good number of positive feedback. Just make sure that you get the contact details of the company in case you want to return the product. Or else, be prepared to shell out a good amount of money for it.

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  1. Jack Doris April 3, 2017 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    Before buying this product, I consulted it with my doctor and after his recommendation, I took this pills for three months. Really I got shocking positive results! Thanks, Erectzan.

  2. Eugene Roberts April 9, 2017 at 5:09 am - Reply

    I bought Erectzan last month but there are no effects till now as the process of this product is slow. I have another bottle let see if it works for me. Please let me know that should I consult to my doctor regarding this product.

    • Doyle Faulkner
      Doyle Faulkner April 9, 2017 at 12:48 pm - Reply

      Hi Eugene, if you can consult it with your doctor then it would be good.

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