Clinical studies prove natural is best

ErgoFlex marketed by OXIS International Inc has released extremely favorable findings from an initial clinical study to evaluate the beneficial outcomes of the patent pending ERGOFLEX™ joint pain formula. This formula was introduced commercially in December of last year. Primarily, the study has discovered that decreased pain was statistically compelling after using ErgoFlex for just one week. At like improvements were also observed in the range of motion. During the six weeks of the trail, those participants taking ErgoFlex had maintained benefits. Some benefits even lasted after the six-week trial was completed.

Over 60 million Americans endure joint pain and more of them are using alternative treatments for improvements in their joints. ErgoFlex capsules are easy to swallow and contain an array of natural functional food ingredients which have been used traditionally in natural medicine to treat joint pain and maintain joint health. Included in this formula are cats claw, turmeric, acai, white willow bark along with things such as glucosamine. Just one capsule taken twice a day with meals gives to support the body for the ongoing battle against inflammation and aids the bodies natural healing ability to repair damaged tissue and keeps joint lubrication.

The statistically and overwhelming findings in the study soundly advocate that ErgoFlex can provide remarked fast and enduring relief from mild to moderate pain joint pain while it improves range of motion which outcomes enhance the quality of life. ErogFlex, unlike other joint pain products, relieves only symptoms, this product aims to diminish oxidative stress, which commonly is an underlying cause of joint inflammation. The natural ingredients have been thoroughly researched which aide in keeping the structural integrity of joints and pain reduction.

In the study, twelve participants had taken ErgoFlex at the recommended dosage for a period of six weeks followed by a six-week washout period. At the beginning of the study participants had displayed mild to chronic pain that afflicted range of motion in numerous areas that had included the neck, shoulder, arms, back, and hips. The participants had no other pain relief formulas or products for two months before the study had started.

Participants received an examination in the lab on the studies the first day and at weeks one, six and twelve. Questionnaires had been filled out by telephone each week to monitor health changes. Every participant had been assessed by using 27 distinct range of motion measurements done on the major areas of discomfort and the bodies whole vertical axis. The evaluations had been done by Dr. David Ager, DC, from the Cascade Spine and Rehabilitation Clinic, using the J-tech dual digital inclinometry.

All participants finished the study.

Based on the findings of this initial trial, OXIS is planning to design and put into place a placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial of ErgoFlex.

ErgoFlex is starting to be marketed through a direct email campaign. There are plans to add other marketing channels which can include Internet sales, television infomercials, radio and multilevel marketing.

ErgoFlex is available for purchase in bottles that contain 60 capsules, the retail price for this product is set at $39.95. It can be found online at Help Your Joints Now.

There are other natural treatments for joint point relief these include:


Chiropractic care is vastly known as of one of the safest drug-free therapies. Not only can it treat back pain and other neuromusculoskeletal complaints it is effective for joint pain.

Manipulations are used to adjust the joints that improve range of motion and decrease pain. They also may employ other therapies such as electric stimulation (TENS), exercises, nutritional and herbal among other necessary treatments. Chiropractic ranks number one for those seeking natural relief from pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can also aid in decreasing painful joints and inflammation. Massage therapy has aided those with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions. The light stroking and kneading of the muscles which are sore and painful increase the blood flow warming up the muscles.


Acupuncture treatments are geared toward each individual person just as chiropractic and massage are based on each person. Needles are aimed at specific points in the body to release the body’s own natural painkillers reducing pain and inflammation.