Flex Now Review

The Flex Now product is another supplement for the joints manufactured through the PatentHealth Company. This product is available in two formulations whiFlex Now Joint Formulach are Fast Acting and Maximum Strength. The product does have an official website only lists the Flex Now supplement Maximum strength although it’s called Quadruple Strength and another called GlucoFlex is featured.

The website includes just enough beneficial information including a helpful FAQ section and lots of customer testimonials for the two products. We’ve examined only the maximum which is known as the quadruple strength formula. The ingredients part of the label wasn’t provided on the official website but the front of the label stated the product was proven in 30 studies and clinical trials. The Flex Now is listed for $39.96 per bottle of 90 soft gels for the one month supply, but the two month supply would be more convenient at $43.95 if planning to purchase.

What Ingredients does Flex Now Contain?

For the Quadruple Flex Now formula were not listed on the official website which is strange, but they are fully listed on the product label which was not shown.

Does Flex Now Work?

It’s said to contain Chondroitin, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid which are three ingredients required by joints to maintain the optimum level of health. There are no included ingredients to aid inflammation. It also doesn’t contain the CMO compound found within arthritis-resistant mice or Boron for decreasing Osteoarthritis development chances.

Is Flex Now Safe?

No, Flex Now is not safe because it contains titanium dioxide dye that could present health hazards. Products containing titanium dioxide dye should not be used, and if planning to use a doctor should be consulted in advance.


Grade D has been given for Flex Now and the use of titanium dye within this product could be dangerous to many. If planning to use this product a doctor’s consultation is recommended and users should follow the exact dosage instructions listed within the products packaging. There are many other well-known and proven effective joint supplements on the market, and we suggest giving those a try.

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