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Finding The Right Fat Loss Supplement For You

Losing weight can be a major challenge, but if you are carrying extra pounds, the benefits of slimming down are enormous. Not only will you be reducing your risk of various health problems to include diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke, you will also have more energy, greater self confidence, …

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Female fat loss myths

We’re all suckers for a good myth, like believing that the Loch Ness monster really exists or Elvis is strutting his stuff in a dive bar in Vegas somewhere. These myths are harmless, even fun. However, Ladies, some myths can be harmful, especially when to comes to your fat loss. …

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10 fat loss habits that keeps the weight off

Burn fat, shape your lean body and keep the weight off with consistent daily habits. The main flaw with quick weight loss programs is that you can’t continue those programs for very long. So, you will likely gain the weight back. Here are 10 fat loss habits to keep your …

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5 reasons not to take weight loss pills

You don’t need weight loss pills to burn body fat, lose weight and get a lean body. These weight loss supplements either do not work or will only give you a short-term boost at best. Some of these supplements could harm your health. Here are 5 reasons not to take …

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Protein shakes and women

The popularity of protein shakes has skyrocketed over the years due to their many benefits. As the awareness of protein shake supplementation grew amongst bodybuilders and professional athletes, it also began to increase in popularity amongst the general public. Protein shakes can be an especially beneficial dietary supplement for those …

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Smoothie recipes to help heal the body and lose weight

Celine Tregan’s book, “Super Smoothies – To: LOSE WEIGHT, LOWER CHOLESTEROL, CONTROL DIABETES and much more,” gave me the insights to understanding how we can heal our body naturally by consuming the right foods. The information concerning weight control is a critical factor to staying healthy and losing weight. One …

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Shakeology Product review

When it comes to weightloss and being nutritionally healthy and fulfilled, what you put into your body is extremely important. Actually, it’s the most important part of a weightloss program above exercise. Vitamins and minerals are critical in all metabolic process inside your body, cardiovascular health, digestion, bone formation, muscular …

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Ultra-Shake Product Review

We last talked about how the convenience of foods in a fast paced world has always had its toll on American health. The toxicity of ingredients eventually will have more expensive and costly damages for consumers. In addition, even if one is interested in a supplement that does one than …

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