Why sleep problems do plague expectant mothers is very obvious. There is a whole lot going on with them and this whole lot is something that can indeed interfere with their getting the good quality rest that they do need. Insomnia problems during pregnancy do occur because pregnant women are just going through so much physically and emotionally that it is hard for them to keep up. They are worried about every little thing with the baby and the pregnancy. In addition, they can’t seem to get comfortable at night, no matter how hard they do try. They also are constantly running to the bathroom and have legs cramps. They are also very excited and anxious at the same time.

Just Cannot Get Comfortable at All

Insomnia in Early PregnancyBeing pregnant is a very wonderful thing. However, when you lose sleep, it can be truly miserable at times. You just can’t seem to get the right sleeping position to unwind and relax. As your pregnancy does progress, your challenges to stay comfortable may become harder. Therefore, do rise to the challenge, and buy yourself a special pregnancy pillow that is designed to move and conform to a pregnant woman’s body. This can bring you lots of comforts, support, and good sleep.

The Need to Run to Bathroom is Endless

As the baby grows within the uterus, its growing pressure is placed on a woman’s bladder, and this does result in frequent bathroom visits. Therefore, the best course of action for this is to get up and go, just because you must. However, you can keep a porta potty not far from the bed, if you don’t feel like going all the way to your bathroom. This is only to make the trip shorter and less of a hassle. You can also cut back on fluid intake two or three hours before bedtime. Also, don’t drink coffee or tea, late in the day. Another tip is when you do use the bathroom to urinate. Lean forward to empty your bladder completely.

Leg Cramps

No one does really know why pregnant women do get leg cramps. However, if you do get them, the best plan of action is the following. You should make sure to avoid standing or sitting for very long periods of time. Make sure to stretch out your calf muscles a good bit during the day and also several times before bedtime. You can take a walk each day to get some exercise and move your legs. You can also make sure to put on shoes that fit your feet well and offer lots of support. Another thing is to not get yourself far to tire. Lay down on your left side to improve the circulation that goes to and from your legs.

Constantly Excited About the Baby’s Arrival

It’s only natural to be excited about the impending birth of your baby. However, you cannot let it consume you, and eat up all your thoughts and concentration. When you get far too excited, it can make you anxious, and you don’t want to get this way. So, with this said, try to switch your focus on to something else. Read a book or a magazine. Take your pet for a walk or get on the phone and talk to a friend. You can even go for a ride in your car, go shopping, or whatever else. The key idea here is to switch your focus on to other things.

Really Anxious About the Baby’s Arrival

Just like you can get excited about your baby’s arrival. You can also get just as equally anxious. This is because you are concerned for the health of your unborn baby. You are also concerned about the responsibilities you will be facing as a new parent and if you will be a good parent. Depression and anxiety can promote a lot of worries for pregnant women. Therefore, since you don’t want to be tossing and turning the night away, share your worries with your partner. The chances are that both of you are filled with fears. Communicating with each other helps out in a big way and this can reduce the anxiety issue for better sleep. You can also turn to family and friends for support. Fellow mothers to be can also serve for support, as they are experiencing the same fears as you.

Hormones Out of Whack

Your hormones will probably be out of whack during this time. Sometimes, you may feel frustrated or sad for no reason, and other times perfectly an okay. It’s the sad or frustrating moments that can make you feel like weeping instead of sleeping. So, with this said, do weep away and you will feel better after doing it.

Indigestion or Heartburn or Breathlessness

Heartburn is something that occurs in pregnant women because of the hormonal and physical changes that go along with the pregnancy itself. It is something that will come and go until after your baby is born. Stay away from any foods and beverages that may trigger your heartburn. Eat meals that are smaller and frequent in the description. If you also, do suffer from breathlessness, you can elevate the upper portion of your body with more pillows. This is also the same tip recommended for women with heartburn during pregnancy. Add extra pillows to support your head and chest. You can also try sleeping semi-upright in a reclining chair to get some good rest. When you are feeling breathlessness, do slow down on whatever it is you’re doing, and also don’t push yourself too hard while being active.


Nausea is something that will plague a lot of pregnant women on the average. If you feel like you have to throw up during the night and don’t want to get out of bed. You can place a container right near the bed to serve for this purpose. Morning sickness is something that can literally strike at any time. Any time means morning, noon, or night. Nausea and vomiting should only happen in the early months of pregnancy from 14 to 21 weeks. However, there is no guarantee on this, as for some women it can happen throughout the course of their pregnancy. Some ways of getting rid of nausea at night can include the following. Snacking on some dry crackers before going to bed or sipping on some ginger tea. Avoid eating any fatty or acidic foods at dinner time. You can also put on an acupressure band.


The why insomnia does happen during pregnancy has been revealed. Also, what is highlighted here is all the positive things that can change insomnia, and actually make for some good night sleep for the mom to be. Therefore, do practice all of these mentioned sleeping tips given here so that you get a decent night’s rest for the entire time of the pregnancy itself.