The iGrow Hair Growth System is an in-home hair growth device that is safe, effective, and very nice. It is the only totally hands-free device to be 510K cleared by the FDA for usage by both men and women. This device is completely non-invasive, and is very unlike pharmaceuticals, topicals, and pills that do often carry lots of side effects along with them. There is a bit of special science that goes into the creation of all products invented and this device is no different. This truly revolutionary hair-growth in-home system is something that does provide full scalp coverage. It also does contain real science along with cutting edge technology that is proven.

How iGrow Hair Growth System Works?

The iGrow Hair Growth System knows all about handling male pattern baldness, which is something that can be inevitable, when it comes to people developing it due to a certain hereditary gene. Male pattern baldness can be turned around with the help of the device. Because it works very hard to grow hair back, which has been lost, and it does it with a combination of two things that are highly effective together as a team. These two things are no other than red laser and LED light diodes. These red laser and LED light diodes work together to stimulate and energize cellular activity that does create an uptake naturally in the function of hair follicles. The hair growing process takes between four and six months. It totally does reverse hair thinning or hair loss. It does effectively help to grow new hair that is much more thicker, fuller, and more vibrant in description. It does this amazing hair growth process with the assistance of Low-Level Laser therapy that is unique in itself.

What Are Its Uses?

The iGrow Hair Growth System has one main use and that is to re-grow hair that has been thinned or lost due to Androgenetic Alopecia. Androgenetic Alopecia is hair thinning or hair loss that is genetically based in nature. iGrow Hair Growth System is all about growing better hair that is healthier, fuller, and very much alive in every sense of the word. This system is based on low-level laser technology that is able to take hair follicles and energize them completely. This is due to the presence of the Apira Science dual light laser and LED design. The Low Level Light Therapy technology or LLLT for short is one of a kind. It is the very thing that gets the hair regrowth process started up. It is a device that is clinically proven to work and that doesn’t contain any adverse side effects at all.

What Are Some of Its Benefits?

The iGrow Hair Growth System has many wonderful benefits. Some of these benefits do include the following. After using this awesome hair growing device, one will begin to notice, new hair growth taking place between four to six months after usage. These results are significant in their own way. Secondly, this device is proven to be clinically effective, and it is also something that is highly safe to use in-home. There is also zero side effects.

What Are Some of its Best Features?

The iGrow Hair Growth System is a very convenient and easy to device to master and use. It also is fully portable, light weight, and doesn’t require any kind of manual movement at all. It is also very innovative in design and fully adjustable. It also offers a custom fit for most head sizes and can be used by both men and women. It is programmed to work for both sexes equally where Androgenetic Alopecia does cause thinning hair that eventually leads to hair loss. it also targets, as well as treats, areas of the hair that has been the most affected by thinning hair and hair loss. There is also multiple custom treatment settings and a touch screen control that is fully automated.


The iGrow Hair Growth System does indeed have it all. Therefore, if a man or woman is losing their hair, it makes perfect sense to use this fantastic device to turn their hair health around for the better. This hair growing system is totally unparalleled when it comes to its amazing features and benefits. No other hair growth system can do what this one can and do it effectively beyond effectively.