About the product

The new take on brain memory supplements is the indispensable intellux cognitive enhancement formula. This potent formula offers a solution to decades of brain related issues. The snag of brain decline has been addressed by the new smart drug that confidently embarks on working in favor of brain support. The battle againIntellux brain pillsst brain decline is efficiently combated using intellux memory booster supplement. When the brain functions are derailed we lose a lot of important information, we are less energetic and motivated and cannot concentrate.

It is especially frustrating when we have brain fog and this takes away our joyful days. It remedies all these problems as the best natural brain booster and mental health. As we age we experience side effects of memory and lack of mental clarity it is recommended to curb this problem beforehand as early as from the age of 26 when brain functions start to decline. Intellux unlocks the full potential of you’re a more powerful brain.

Intellux is priced at $50-70 for a box that contains thirty pills that last you for a month and 3 bottles cost $113.82 while 5 bottles go at $149.95

Manufacturer’s information about Intellux and its claim

Brain issues may be as a result of many factors including age, genetics, and effects from the environment. Brain decline is the reason behind the manufacture of intellux supplement brain booster. This product of research from the University of Florida claims to treat memory loss, low concentration, energy and brain performance, brain fog and general brain health. It claims to unlock the potential of the brain to a large extent by even increasing the consumers IQ. This product has been made with natural ingredients that make a potent formula backed by science. It explores the brain and is claimed to be manufactured by GMP certified labs.

Intellux supplement relied on a safe and different brain booster supplement that uses natural ingredients in their purest form. Plenty of positive reviews about intellux praise the drug as the best cognitive enhancer supplement.

How does the product work?

This product contains the pure and natural form of phosphatidylserine that maintains brain cells. This is an important component of brain function as it stimulates the production of neurotransmitters. When there is a problem with connectivity of neurons responsible for transmission and execution of information to be processed, their brain functions start to decline hence symptoms of memory loss, lack of focus and low performance.

Intellux brain booster helps improve cognitive functions with new levels of energy, enhance sleep and mood hence a calmer and relaxed body. The major role of it is to maintain brain health by providing the much-needed nourishment with an array of vitamins and minerals. We may not this insufficiency in the diet we take hence intellux dietary supplement. Continued use of intellux enhances focus, improves energy levels and enhances memory. The age limit allowed for use of it is not restricted apart from the young ones as brain issues affect any age hence your studies need not be disrupted as it improves learning among other capabilities such as improved IQ. The brain is volatile organ that needs to be taken care of hence intellux brain drug is the ultimate supplement

Intellux Ingredients

• Phosphatidylserine
• Maintains brain cells
• Treats age declining problems

Product benefits
• Improved memory
• Enhances recall
• Improves concentration
• Enhanced thinking and reduces mental crush
• Improves cognitive function
• Upgradesintellect by 47%
• Reduces mental exhaustion by enhancing energy level
• Continued daily dosage improves memory drastically
• Enhances production of neurotransmitters

Product drawbacks

• Lack of information on the product’s ingredients and how they work


  • One pill per day with water or liquid of choice

Side effects

  • It causes Insomnia and upset stomach for individuals who cannot tolerate phosphatidylserine.


  • Pregnant and lactating women should seek medical advice before taking this product


  • This product is made of natural ingredients hence no cases of interactions with other medications

My Final verdict on Intellux

Intellux brain booster is a religious supplement pill for smart users. Why I would recommend this brain booster to everyone is that except for the young ones this pill is a necessary dose of nutritional health. It offers nutritional health for the brain that we may not be able to get from the diet at home. When you reach the age of twenty to thirty and above tests have been shown that we lose memory power. The decision to have a healthy mental capacity is basic for those who are still studying or hustling. This supplement works by making the brain additionally healthy by boosting brain power and vitality. Its daily use offers an array of required nutrients for the brain when you start experiencing brain issues. The components of formula help to feed the mind with decent vitamins and minerals that speedily increases its potential to higher levels.