It is a known fact that men and women think about radically different things while they are having sex, and that is no longer a secret about anybody. While most women tend to think about romance-related things, relationships or even marriage, some men tend to be rather practical and have other concerns on their mind. The mind can go berserk during sex, given the fact that all the hormone levels sky-rocketed and so do the endorphins, which is perfectly understandable. Have you ever had sexual intercourse with a man who although seemed to enjoy the sex, he looked as if his mind was somewhere else? Did you ever wonder what was he thinking about during the moment he was on top of you? If so, then here are some of the things men commonly think about while they are having intercourse:

  1. Am I Gonna Make Her Reach The Climax?

Making the woman reach the orgasm is the most important part of the sexual act, as it helps the man achieve his goal and it also adds to his ego – a man that makes his woman orgasm and scream hard is a man who is fully aware of his potential. This is why most men think about their women climaxing during sex – however, some of them do not always know when that happens, given the fact that different women have different reactions as they reach the orgasm. It is not uncommon for some of them to be confused, especially if the woman is very loud during the act. This is why men may seem lost or confused during sex – it is not because they are not enjoying it, but because they are wondering whether you have finished or not!

  1. They Try To Remember New Sexual Tricks That They Can Use Later On

As people, it is our human nature to try and experience as many different things as possible, especially when it comes to sex. We all have our hidden fantasies and desires, and men certainly have a plethora of them. Men love to explore new sensations, new positions, new sexual tricks and techniques to please the other one – this is precisely why most of them think about memorizing these sexual techniques so they can use them later on! Our brains start to work as storage units or memory cards when we find something we like, something that excites us to the limit.

  1. They Think About How Sexy Your Body Is

If a man sleeps with you, then he certainly finds you attractive. As a woman, the last thing you need to worry about when you are in bed with a guy is your body. You would be amazed to see how much and how often men think about female shapes like breasts, ass or thighs – sometimes, they just seem lost while having sex when they are actually fantasizing about having sex with you in all possible ways and exploring your body’s fullness and perfect shape in every way. This aspect is particularly important for women who have full breasts, as they have always been the biggest symbol of femininity and all men love breasts.

  1. They Are Worried About Their Erection

For centuries, one of the biggest fears of men in bed was losing their erection when they least expect it. When this happens, it is usually because they have a medical problem or simply because they are too stressed, too nervous or they try to hard to keep it up, not because they are not sexually attracted to you. Many men are so concerned about keeping their penises hard that they simply go soft without even realizing it. Male enhancement, length, and girth are always concerns with a man, even in a committed relationship. The average male uses around 7 different types of penis pills in his lifetime. (See Stamizyn: Does Male Enhancement work?)

In addition to stress, booze can also have an effect on that, as it is a known fact that increased alcohol intake can decrease the man’s chances of achieving a strong and durable erection that can last for hours. Generally speaking, men who feel very relaxed and comfortable next to their women tend to last more and to maintain hard erections for hours, if they need to. It often happens that everything starts in the mind.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, these are some of the things men commonly think about while they are having sex. There are tens of topics one can think about during intercourse (including work, no matter how workaholic this can sound), but the ones mentioned above are typically the most common subjects.

About the Author: Erwin Chino

Erwin has been a men's health writer and consultant for last 10 years. He has completed Master of Sexology from New York University, co-founder, and editor of Best Suggestor. Contributing Writer at Men's Health Magzine,, WebMD etc. Erwin has a past full of sports activity basketball, baseball, football, track, cross country, and tennis. He has published a novels, which feature a strong female protagonist: An Improbable Cause and Avalon. Dr. Erwin resides with his family in Texas, USA... “Work out. Eat well. Travel often.”

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