Natural Factors Turmeric and Bromelain:

Natural Factors Turmeric and Bromelain is the dietary, digestion promotion supplement said to reduce bodily Kinins production, which could result in swelling and inflammation reduction within soft tissues. It’s also been said to speed injury and bruising healing while the anti-inflammatory component reduces joint pain. Natural Factors also feels its supplement could be effective treatment for various inflammatory diseases but includes no evidence to back any claims of this. There is an official website for the Natural Factors Company which includes all their products, lots of helpful information including contact information, but consumers cannot purchase the supplement directly from the website. The listed price on Amazon starts at $30.61 and the bottles contain 180 capsules. There’s also a 90 capsule bottle available for $18.00 starting prices.Natural Factors

Ingredients in Natural Factors Turmeric and Bromelain are Bromelain and Turmeric powder extract. Other ingredients for preservation purposes are Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Purified Water and Dicalcuim Phosphate.

Does Natural Factors Turmeric and Bromelain Work:

It’s possible this supplement does work and main ingredients may play an important role in improvement of Osteoporosis, but joint health effects are debated. The University of Arizona 2010 study concluded that turmeric might contain anti-arthritic activity that could prevent Osteoporosis bone loss. Osteoporosis is the disease which causes brittle and weakened bones. The main researcher of the study, Janet Funk, stated it might even reduce rheumatoid arthritis pain although no proof surfaced of abilities to reduce inflammation and joint damage. There was also little proof of Bromelain being beneficial for bone and joint health. Reviews for Natural Factors Turmeric and Bromelain have been positive on sites like Amazon and people have even been using the product for their pets.

Is Turmeric and Bromelain Safe?

All ingredients are safe but the supplement does contain ingredients which might interact with medications decreasing or increasing efficacy. Medications prone to interaction are blood thinning type of drugs like Warfarin, and aspirin, diabetic medications and drugs to aid reduction of stomach acid like Pepcid and Nexium. Recommended dosage is four capsules daily and preferably with meals.

Natural Factors Turmeric and Bromelain Grade?

Grade B has been given for Natural Factors Turmeric and Bromelain supplement which is a beneficial product for arthritis caused joint pain, although it might not be as effective for joint pain caused by other problems. No money back guarantee is available on the official website, but other sites might include one.

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