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When considering an overview of non-surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction, it is clearly good to be in the 21st century. More non-invasive treatments are available for ED in this century, because erectile dysfunction is finally being researched in a serious way. The stigma of ED is still a problem, but most males are becoming aware that it isn’t something that needs to be exaggerated. ED in males is treatable today, if it is understood for what it really is.

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Why ED Occurs?
Erectile dysfunction in simplest terms, means having difficulty achieving an erection. ED can occur due to anxiety, fatigue or excessively consuming substances that impact sexual performance. Males first experiencing problems getting it up, often complicate things by psyching themselves out. Many times ED is related to external factors like financial stress, problems at home, problems at work or other outside influences. Chronic problems achieving an erection is significant, this is what is diagnosed as true erectile dysfunction.

Treatment Options Are….
Here is a short listing of the current treatment options for ED. Usually it is best to utilize a combination of these non-surgical techniques and let the results occur in a natural way. If possible, ED treatment should be primarily done at home, so males are given enough privacy to administer their choice of methods. The following are some recommended ED treatment options.

Psychological Counseling
Something to consider upfront is dealing with a man’s psychological problems, as they relate to ED. Most counseling is done at an office or private practice, but some modern counseling is available over the phone, online or at home.

Muscle Toning Exercises
Being in shape helps with most sexual dysfunctions, but specific muscle toning exercises are recommended for improving sexual performance issues. Kegel and pelvic floor exercises are commonly used in treatment of ED. They build up the muscle tone in the pelvic region, so that sexual stamina is maintained and males learn to workout to achieve consistent erections.

Oral Medications
These are currently popular for men. Brand name oral medications for ED include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, but these require prescriptions to acquire. An alternative is the natural medicine from an African tree called yohimbie. Yohimbie has some side effects, but is available in groceries, drug stores and retailers of health food products. For the most part, oral medications rely on the user having belief that the pill is going to work. This is a major factor, some studies compare this to a placebo effect.

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Hormone Supplements
In some cases, testosterone supplements maybe necessary to treat ED problems. This method of treating ED is still being studied, but does work with a limited number of males, just under 5 percent need to have actual testosterone hormones. Using such supplements seems to positively impact ED in men without negative effects physically.

Vacuum Devices
Penis pumps and vacuum devices are another treatment method for ED. Males maybe able to train their penis to achieve an erection in reaction to a series of pause, release and constriction exercises. If this works well, some men may find using a cock ring achieves similar results. Both utilize constriction of blood flow to get a hard penis in less time than other erectile dysfunction treatments.

Injection Therapy
The use of injection therapies are sometimes recommended. These are successful for males whose ED is related to physical injuries or accidents. The medications are obtained by prescription, then injected directly into the penis. If done correction, the result is an erection that lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Such therapy often allows men to achieve multiple orgasms without losing their erection, sometimes for 2 to 3 hours. Even though it might sound scary, injection therapy isn’t surgical and much less risky, as an ED treatment method.

All ED treatments essentially, utilize exercises, oral medications, hormone supplements or penis devices to promote male sexual enhancement. In most cases, the non-surgical route is the best method for treating erectile dysfunction. In fact, many males find the treatment of ED stimulating and sexually arousing. Don’t be embarrassed by ED or any sexual dysfunction, instead turn it into something positive.

Ask your partner to be involved with your choice of treatments, so that they can understand what you are going through and help assist in your sexual health. Or perhaps, their assistance will lead to something more stimulating and beyond the scope of traditional treatments. Getting hands on is always the best approach, so give it a try.

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