In the on going debate over whether a man’s penis size really does matter, it seems that it does for some women during specific orgasms. Whether this is good news for men, depends on what type of orgasms their partner enjoys and the size of the penis.

#Does Penis Size Matter?

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of West Scotland, found that a man’s penis size does matter to women who are able to have vaginal orgasms. While it is generally understood that it is easy for most women to climax from clitoral stimulation, women who could easily climax from vaginal penetration say that a larger penis is preferred over an average sized one. What this recent study is suggesting is that there really is a reason why some men worry frequently about the size of the penises. This anxiety of size is being compared to the same worries men face when they first begin seriously considering finding someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Along with feeling anxiety over personality traits, income, and appearance, this study suggests that men also need to be concerned with the size of their manhood.
This does not mean that all researchers agree that size matters to most women, and most studies actually suggest that it is only a matter of personal taste. Some women experience more pleasure from a vaginal orgasm, and it would be normal to prefer a larger penis for deeper penetration. Other women prefer climaxing from clitoral stimulation, and still others prefer to have an orgasm that originated from their G-spots. The type of orgasm they like helps to dictate the size of a man’s penis that works best for them.

#Are There Different Types of Orgasms?

There is still a debate over whether or not there are different types of orgasms, with some scientists stating that there are different nerves attached to a woman’s vagina and clitoris. Each of the nerve systems stimulates a different area in a woman’s brain. Other researchers insist that the clitoris is actually a part of the vaginal area and therefore their orgasms are the same. Regardless to what scientists say, a majority of women claim that vaginal and clitoral climaxes are completely different including the sensations. This seems to support the theory that a man’s penis size only matters to women who prefer a vaginal orgasm.
To make it even more confusing women can also have orgasms from stimulation to their G-spot, which can be found inside the vagina towards the top. Supporting the theory that there are different orgasms are the instances where women who have had their spinal cord severed, can still experience an orgasm. This seems to suggest that there are different nerves for different types of climaxes.

#Psychological or Size

Adding confusion to the debate is the question on whether a woman’s orgasm is influenced by psychological factors or by the size of a man’s penis. In another study conducted in Scotland, a group of women were questioned about their previous sexual experiences. Among the questions asked, were whether penile intercourse was important to them and if the size of a man’s penis affected their ability to have a vaginal orgasm.

Of the women questioned, roughly 33 percent would prefer a larger penis during vaginal intercourse, while 6 percent stated that a smaller than average penis would give them greater pleasure. What is good news for the average man is that 60 percent of the woman surveyed reported that his penis size doesn’t matter.
What was not surprising was that the ladies who enjoyed more vaginal orgasms also thought a larger penis was better.
Other researchers believe that a woman’s sexual response is not different simply because a man’s penis may be larger or smaller than average. Instead, their sexual response is due more to intense, intimate feelings that can be brought on by foreplay. Whether this is true regarding size, it can help a woman to become aroused and have an orgasm faster.


There is no real answer for the question does penis size matter. The best thing for men and women is to learn about their bodies and each others. Discovering together what feels right sexually is more enjoyable than debating whether a man’s penis size matters.

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