At first impression, the eyes may tell more than just an instant emotion. The skin around the eye contour is so delicate that it reveals age much quicker than any other facial feature. Years of blinking, squinting and stress is all factors that cause fatigue and signs of aging. Because of this, the cosmetics industry has produced thousands of eye treatments to correct fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and dehydration.

Once the perfect eye cream is purchased the application method is just as important as the ingredients.

There are many misconceptions about how to correctly apply an eye treatment. Whether you invest in a high-end moisturizer or a drugstore eye cream, there is a definite boost the right application method can give. Where to apply, how much pressure is given and what amount to use are all common questions that people most often have confusion over. Here are a few guidelines on how to get the most out of your eye cream.

1. Use the right amount Rochelle Delossantos

Less is more is the best philosophy when applying any product near the eyes. Overdoing the portion size will lead to not so pleasant results. A heavy layer of eye cream can make concealer, eye liner or any eye makeup crease instantly. The oils present in an eye treatment will break down makeup quickly which will defeat the purpose of any makeup blending. A pea size is the perfect size of the product to use. If the eye treatment is in a pump form, half a pump should be just enough to hydrate and replenish the eye contour.

2. Apply on orbital bone Rochelle Delossantos

In a single day, the eyes blink thousands of times; which means your facial muscles move eye product around naturally. Warm the eye cream or serum between both ring fingers. The ring fingers apply the least amount of pressure making it perfect for eye cream application. Press the ring fingers gently along the orbital bone, away from the eyelashes. Avoid applying product right below the eyelash line because will cause instant irritation. (An exaggerated double amount of product is shown in the photo for tutorial’s sake but when you apply at home, you should not see a visible dollop of product it should be a minimal pea size amount.)

3. Don’t moisturize your eyelids

Continue pressing the product left on your ring fingers above the eyebrows. Never apply eye treatment on to the eye lid. It may seem logical that if you place eye cream over the lid that it will firm sagging lids but eyelid application will irritate just like any product applied near the lash line. Any eye cream on the eyelids will also break down eye shadow and cause visible makeup creasing.

4. Use twice daily Rochelle Delossantos

Any eye treatment will take the time to work. The skin works on a repair system that replenishes and rebuilds itself in a cycle that can last between two to four weeks. Because of this, it is important to note that to see results, you must apply the eye treatment at least once a day but more importantly twice a day to see a rapid improvement. Using the eye cream once then forgetting for a week before another application will not work in your favor. Consistency is the key to seeing the results you want.

5. Resist the urge to use moisturizer Rochelle Delossantos

The eye cream is not just a commercial ploy to make you buy an extra product. For years, my thought process was that eye creams were totally unnecessary but in fact, they do serve a relevant purpose. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the entire body. Eye treatments are made with special modifications so that the treatment is formulated to absorb mildly into the small pores on the eye contour. A moisturizer for the face is created with a different level of potency that will be too intense for the delicate skin circling the eyes.