PHGH Product OverviewPHGH Enhancement Benefits

PHGH is a Natural male enhancement supplement which was composed by the well-known adult film actor, John Lawrence. This product is a daily supplement that claims to enhance men’s overall sexual health and produces harder and more reliable erections. It is a product that uses high-quality extracts from five different exotic herbs, all of which have been used to increase sexual vitality. PHGH is a unique combination that will readily increase blood flow to the penis, producing longer, stronger, thicker erections and promoting arousal. One single bottle of PHGH can initiate the transformation that will radically enhance your libido.

PHGH Product Details

PHGH is a male enhancement supplement that is formulated from natural ingredients. One single bottle of It costs about $39.95 and discounts are given on multiple purchases. PHGH also promises to help in treating sexual dysfunction and can provide men with faster regaining time that means he can have more bedroom sessions with the partner. PHGH additionally increases the production of sperm, so that men will experience better orgasms that are immensely powerful than what they have experienced in the past. The dosage of PHGH includes intake of two capsules twice a day for 2 weeks. During first 2 weeks, men can consume additional capsule 1 Hour before sexual intercourse for an extra boost. After the initial 2 weeks, take 1 tablet twice a day with a full glass of water, more suitable for a meal.

PHGH Product Ingredients

  1. Tribulus Terrestris: Help to increase Testosterone production and male sex drive
  2. Arginine: An amino acid that boosts the level of nitric oxide in blood
  3. Tongkat Ali: This herb has been used to boost testosterone and also to stimulate dopamine production in the brain thus enhancing libido
  4. Epimedium: A Chinese herb that open up blood vessels as well as enhances the blood flow
  5. Maca: This ingredient increases volume of semen as well as sperm count, and help to increase libido
  6. Dhea: Acts as Testosterone Booster
  7. Gingko Biloba: For concentration, focusing and sexual power
  8. Muira Puama
  9. Piperine

Good About PHGHphgh side effects

  • It provides harder, bigger and long lasting erections
  • Help to get an erection faster, irrespective of sexual dysfunction
  • It provides faster recovery times between sexual sessions and also more sexual sessions
  • It increases semen production and helps experience more intense orgasms

Bad About PHGH

  • PHGH contains weak ingredients and are cheaply made
  • Contact information is not properly given
  • Website does not contain any FAQ page


PHGH claims to be a good product having natural ingredients and provides numerous benefits to enhance the sexual health and also increases the male performance to stay longer and perform better in bed. A product is not much expensive and can be easily afforded by anyone. But still, it is recommended to know more about the male enhancement products before purchasing them so as to remain free from its side-effects and gain more desired results from these products.

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