Provailen Natural Pain Relief?

Arthritis is perhaps the commonest maladies amongst senior citizens. While we are yet to get a cure for arthritis, one can cope with arthritis with the proper care. One of the major upsets of arthritis is joint pain and joint immobility that makes arthritis patients ‘non-independent’. The good news is that there is numerous product out there that promise to take away this pain and make the joint mobile once more.

What is Provailen?

Provailen is an all-natural dietary supplement that promises to take away the pain caused by arthritis and painful joints. Provailen promises to take away the agents that cause this pain and the deformation of muscles and joints. It does this by relieving and stopping joint inflammation, which is the single most cause of joint pain. In summary; Provailen doubles up as a natural analgesic (that provides relief to aching joints) and an anti-inflammatory agent that provide a soothing effect to tender and inflamed joints.

What does it contain?

REISHI – The Reishi is a fungus that belongs to the same class as penicillin. Reishi can restore balance to the human autoimmune system, thereby rolling back the majority of the damage caused by arthritis due to an imbalanced immune system. When Reishi is treated in a certain way, its power increases by 75 times. Research done at the University of Texas indicated that Reishi has the same effects as 5mg hydrocortisone, a drug used in injections for arthritis, making it a good natural substitute. Other surveys have shown that Reishi can help reduce and rehabilitate rheumatoid arthritis. Reishi contains an antioxidant enzyme that can remove free radicals, dead cells, detoxify the blood and prolong the aging of cells besides being a potent anti-inflammatory agents that fight inflammation.

TONGKAT ALI – Tongkat Ali commonly found in the Far East is known as the tree that cures 100 diseases. It helps the body rebuild the muscles, it has lost due to wear and tear or illness. Those suffering from arthritis tend to have weak muscles due to injury caused by loose joints, making their pain double what is caused by the injured joint. Tongkat Ali acts in hormonal level by increasing the muscles around the injured joints and by strengthening these muscles.

Capsaicin – Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chili pepper. This ingredient helps the body absorb the other two ingredients of Provailen. Capsaicin also improves blood circulation in the small vessels. This is important since most joints are fed by small blood vessels. Finally, Capsaicin also relieves inflammation and can dramatically reduce chronic pain nerves.

Manufacturer of Provailen

Provailen is a trademark product of RDK Global a company that has a reputation in making dietary supplements and vitamins.

How does Provailen work?

Provailen contains three “powerful ingredients” that work to balance the immune system while at the same time-fighting inflammation. Provailen promises to;

• Increase Joint Suppleness
• Relieve Excruciating Pain
• Reduce Swelling and Inflammation
• Relieve Stiffness
• Soothe the pain caused by Arthritis

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage is two pills spread across the day. Perhaps one in the morning and another one in the evening daily for a period of one month or more. The turnaround time is dependent on an individual. Most users Provailen see relief from rheumatoid arthritis, reduce inflammation and flexibility within a week. In some, it may take a little longer.

Possible Advantages

• Has no major side effects
• Comes with a 6-month money back guarantee from the official website. NB: check the terms and conditions
• Contains all natural ingredients

Possible Disadvantages

• Doesn’t contain Glucosamine, which is perhaps the most researched joint care ingredient in the market
• It is pricey. One bottle retails for $44.95, two bottles for $94.90 (saves you $5 when you buy two bottles), and three bottles for $149.8. When you buy three bottles you get one bottle free.
• Consumers report having headaches, itching, red spotting, dizziness, and diarrhea while using this supplement

Possible Side Effects of Provailen

So far there are few reported negative side effects from the use of Provailen. During the first week, you may have some hassles, such as a headache, diarrhea, which is normal as it is a symptom of the detoxification happening in your body. The manufacturers say these symptoms will disappear after a while.

Customer Reviews

The official website claims that 87.6% of the users of Provailen that leave feedback online responded that they saw a decrease of 90% of the pain caused by arthritis. However, this might not be the case if you look at consumer review websites such as Amazon. In fact, it records an average of 5 out of 10 in most consumer review sites.

Our Expert Comment

Provailen contains all natural ingredients that are not very common in the market. On paper, the product looks to work magic, but in practice, we can’t describe it as magical. If the producers reduced the price of this product and added one or two ingredients that will provide bone and cartilage support, this might be the best joint care product. But for the moment, though it ranks high, it is not the best joint care product.

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