Rapid Flex Review:

RapidFlex is a joint product in the form of a cream said to contain a highly effective Methyl Salicylate and Menthol combination. It’s a drug formulation which can be purchased over the counter, on many online retail sites and on the manufacturer Patent Health’s website. The benefits of use are said to be temporary relief various types of minor pains such as arthritis pains, backaches, sore muscles and joint pain. There is a 15 day supply within one tube of RapidFlex and it’s available for purchase on the Patent Health site costing $19 for one tube and discounted for several tube purchases. The website also contains several positive customer testimonials for RapidFlex, a helpful FAQ section, and more product specific information.rapid-flex review

The active Ingredients in RapidFlex are Methyl Salicylate and Menthol although there is a long list of other ingredients. The cream can also be applied up to four times per day as needed.

Does Rapid Flex Work:

RapidFlex does work and effects are said to be noticeable within minutes after applying the cream. Users experience an instant type of cooling effect from the medication for soothing and relieving joint pain and minor muscle pain when applied directly to the affected area.

Is Rapid Flex Safe?

Yes, RapidFlex is safe because its formulation is based on concentrations recommended and considered effective and safe by the FDA. If taking medications a physician should be consulted before use. The RapidFlex cream shouldn’t be combined with other creams or heating devices like heat pads.

Rapid Flex Grade?

Grade A has been given for RapidFlex which is a highly effective pain relief cream for temporary treatment of several types of pain. There is no money back guarantee but the tube of cream is affordable for many looking to purchase. RapidFlex can also be purchased from other online retail stores and usually at a much lower price including shipping and handling. For temporary pain relief RapidFlex is recommended but users will have to find an effective treatment that’s permanent.